Can you delete or rename a Project in Garage Band?

  • Posted: 30 December 2008 07:18 PM

    My son has created some songs that I don’t like (vulgar, etc) and I would like to delete them from the project list….or if I can’t delete them, I would like to rename them. I know I can delete the tracks, but it’s the entire project I would like to get rid of.
    Now let’s say I CAN’T delete or rename the Projects. Is there a way to ‘partition’ the ones I don’t like, or set up a separate Account for my son that will start with an empty Project I can keep better control and separate his stuff from mine? Thanks. Any ideas would be helpful.

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    Posted: 30 May 2009 07:52 PM #1

    Wow! This thread has been sitting around for a long time without any answer. I hope this isn’t too late for a reply to this question.

    A quick and dirty fix would be to uninstall GarageBand and reinstall it. I’m not too sure how you can get into the list of past projects.

    Although… if the project has been deleted, GarageBand will never be able to make it appear in the list so I guess that dragging the file to the trash and emptying the trash would work too.


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    Posted: 08 August 2009 06:54 AM #2

    Deleting the Projects is as easy as deleting the files in the Finder. You’ll find them in the Music folder under “GarageBand.”

    Users>User Name>Music>GarageBand

    They’re all created there unless they were specifically and deliberately created elsewhere. If that’s the case, use Spotlight to search for the filename.

    To change the name of the project, just do it in the Finder the same way you’d change any other file.


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