Rumors and Speculation About SJ’s Health

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    I like the term institutional inertia.

    The whole firm has become tuned toward success. That doesn’t die quickly. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

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    idannyb - 31 December 2008 09:36 PM

    Gizmodo did a bit of quick backtracking on their report and changed the wording by adding an ?allegedly? and replaced ?solid source? with ?previously reliable? ? Despite this word-smithing, the Gizmodo report was/is blatantly false and damage was (at least temporarily) done to Apple (AAPL) shareholders. Lame duck SEC needs to take action. I may be spitting into the wind, but I wrote SEC enforcement and “cc"ed other SEC contacts requesting an investigation.

    As shareholders, I think we have more to fear from SJ deciding to retire without intrusive speculation over his health than we do from any risk these rumors have any truth behind them.  SJ doesn’t need anyone, much less the world, counting the # of breaths he has left in this world.  Contrary to another poster here, it’s a safe opinion that SJ’s ego isn’t fed by all this morbid speculation. 

    Gizmodo is beneath contempt.  I have delisted it as a credible source of information.  It belongs next to National Enquirer.  I will email the SEC as another poster did.

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    Fearing the slimebucket press and Wall Street might deem his recent weight gain to be health endangering, Steve Jobs backs away from Macworld

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    It’s time to close this topic.