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  • Posted: 10 January 2009 02:26 PM

    I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed the live coverage (”Live Coverage of the Macworld Expo Keynote Address by Phil Schiller on January 6th 2009”) TMO provided.  It was by far the best, most up to date, and timely coverage on the web (and I had several open)!  Kudos, folks!  The tech behind your engine, providing both text updates and photos without manual intervention, worked really well (although photos did peter out towards the latter half of the show, it seemed).


    Things went sour towards the end when Bryan went off on his rant, flaming the tiered pricing.  I really could have lived without a rant in the middle of a news event—it left a sour feeling in my stomach for the remainder of the event, and detracted from the much more important removal of DRM from all the music.

    I don’t mind editorializing (in an opinion piece), but I thought this particular flame (in a news article) was excessive and unwarranted, and detracted from the otherwise fine coverage of the event.


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    Posted: 11 March 2009 06:06 PM #1

    Thanks Alphaman for your feedback!

    I can only speak personally about the technical changes, but I’ve forwarded your note to the Editors.

    This past year we set out to improve our live coverage.  We usually only have the whole staff on hand for Macworld Expo keynotes, but we will be implementing some of the changes we made for the Phil Schiller address to our other Live Coverage events.