iPhoto format problems

  • Posted: 12 January 2009 05:57 PM

    How can I keep the photos in order with the lables and get them into JPEG format so I can send to iMovie.

    I have scanned and labled some 700 slides into iPhoto and put them in a specific order to at some point send to iMovie and add transitions and music. They photos appear in an iPhoto album but when I go into iMovie and click on the photo icon and look in the folder that contains the picture they are not there. The guy at the Apple store seemed to think the scanned images were not in the proper format and I need to export them to my desktop as JPEG and re-import them into iPhoto. When I try this I can either export sequentially and loose all the titles or by titles and loose the order I have put them in. When I then re-import them back into iPhoto they are automatically seperated into seperate events. When I click the edit tab and click undo seperate events the photos are in a completely different order.

    700 photos to relable or re-organize is a lot of work when I’m sure there must be an easy I just don’t know how to do, Please help

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    Posted: 14 January 2009 05:50 PM #1

    You can see the format of the photos in iPhoto itself. Click on the little “i” button in the bottom left of the iPhoto window if the information panel is not open already (it shows the information about the selected photo below the list of libraries, albums, etc.). iMovie accepts formats other than jpg—I’ve just tried with a TIFF file just to be sure.

    If the format is nothing too weird, then see if you can see the photos from elsewhere—iDVD, for example.

  • Posted: 15 January 2009 06:47 PM #2

    The photos are in JPEG format and they do show up under iPhoto in the appropriate album when accessed from iDVD but still do not show up when accessed from iMovie.
    Any suggestions.
    My understanding is that to do the adding of transitions and music I need to do all that in iMovie.

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    Posted: 15 January 2009 07:09 PM #3

    So the photos are in an acceptable format and the iPhoto library structure seems to be correct, as the library and its contents appear correctly in iDVD. I wonder, then, if the problem is one of software versions. Which versions of iPhoto and iMovie are you using? The library structure of iPhoto changed between, I believe, iPhoto ‘06 and iPhoto ‘07.

    As for adding transitions and music, this can be done in iPhoto itself (slideshow).

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  • Posted: 16 January 2009 04:48 PM #4

    I am using iPhoto 08 version 7.1.5 and iMovie 08 version 7.1.4

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    Posted: 16 January 2009 07:00 PM #5

    This is not a combination that I can test, as I do not use iMovie 08 (can’t on my old machine!). However, given the fact that you can see the iPhoto library and its contents in iDVD, I’d guess that there is a problem with your iMovie 08. Whether it’s just your installation, or a general problem, I don’t know. I’ve checked the Apple Support Discussion area for iMovie, but can find no report of a similar problem. There are, however a number of complaints about iMovie 08 and recommendations to use or return to iMovie 06 HD. It seems that this is offered by Apple as a free download to iLife 08 owners at this address.

    You might wish to try this earlier version of iMovie to see if this helps.

  • Posted: 21 January 2009 12:55 PM #6

    I think I’m going to try iLife ‘09 when it comes out at the end of the month and see if that solves the problem.
    I still tend to think it is operator error rather than a software problem but if there are other issues with ‘08 perhaps that is the issue.

    I’ll post one way or the other after I try the ‘09 version.
    Thanks for the help.