Earnings Preview

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    Posted: 21 January 2009 11:28 PM #16

    I’m interested to see which if any of the Analyst revise their FY09 numbers in light of some real earnings info from Apple.  I’m sure it is an integrity gut check for all the folks who downgraded last week.    Do they really believe in their analysis or do they make the shit up.  It is obvious to me that quite a few are clueless.  Apple has demonstrated they can deliver good results during this economic downturn, and there basic strategy is still working.  Apple demonstrated solid growth overseas and if the US pulls out of the nose-dive it appears to me that Apples growth rates will jump back into the 40% range for Mac and the Ipod will continue to be a solid franchise with continued growth.  Based on the Iphone numbers I’m still looking for 24M in CY09, but it will be back-end loaded as the economy recovers and Apple introduces new models to replace the existing line-up.  I was excited to hear that ATV sales had tripled YOY.  While still a relatively small business it has the potential to grow significantly and become a future growth driver.