Coming Soon? The DELL AlienPhone

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    Posted: 30 January 2009 09:07 AM

    I want one. I don’t care if it works or not. I will use it to intimidate my teenage son and his gaming buddies!

    Heck, who knows, there might actually BE a good market for this, they proved it with desktops.


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  • Posted: 30 January 2009 09:14 AM #1

    KInd of erotic toy….. can you control the amount of vibe?
    Analware…. LOL

  • Posted: 30 January 2009 11:27 AM #2

    It looks like a toy light sabre for dwarfs.

  • Posted: 30 January 2009 11:29 AM #3

    Come to think of it, Dell needs something to distract the attention of analysts during next month’s conference call. But I don’t think a phone will work. Will it be another call forecasting vapor sales for the future?