Live Streaming Level II Quotes/Graphs/News on Macs ( w Windows)

  • Posted: 07 February 2009 02:43 PM

    Can anyone assure me I can use a new Mac with Windows OS to receive real time Level II quotes, graphs etc.? (I have no PC experience worth mentioning, only Mac, and am not technically proficient at all.)

    If so, how do I use that damndable OS and with what hardware/software specifics? I’m almost resigned to buying a PC solely to do this, but am hoping someone with eTrade Canada “MarketTrader” and/or ‘Pro’experience can save me the torture/humiliation of defecting.

    I would much prefer to go with the new 17” MacBook Pro and a pair of external 30”.

    I’ve been getting conflicting advice and so reach out here to those who should know best.

    Many Thanks,
    Doh Boy

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    Posted: 07 February 2009 03:12 PM #1

    eTrade has real time level II quotes.  eTrade platforms run on Mac.  I’m using eTrade USA, duh.


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  • Posted: 07 February 2009 03:49 PM #2

    eTrade Canada only offers the basic Level 1 quote service for US exchanges on their standard Mac-capable trading platform.  To access streaming real-time lists, Level 2 quotes, advanced charting and streaming news requires an upgraded trading platform (additional fees applicable in some instances) which run only on Intel driven Windows OS, hence my inquiry as to how I can do this on the Mac. Again, technical knowledge is not my forte and that’s why I’m reaching out for the experience of others.

    Thanks for the response and the ‘duh’ though.
    Doh Boy

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    Posted: 07 February 2009 03:56 PM #3

    Power e*Trade Pro is a java application.  It runs fine on MacOS although it is a bit of a resource hog (don’t leave it running overnight) and is slow to startup.  But besides those drawbacks, is very reliable trading software.  I run ThinkorSwim simultaneously for charts, backup and comparisons.  It’s code is much easier on the ram also.

    edit:  Yes, I remember here in the USA, you have to qualify for Power E*Trade Pro free status.  Probably a minimum on deposit.

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  • Posted: 07 February 2009 04:58 PM #4

    Not a problem at all! One can get level II quotes, etc., on a Mac from any brokerage firm that offers the service. Just use Parallels, Fusion or Boot camp.

    I run Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro (only available for Windows) via Fusion and can keep it always visible in a window while I’m using Mac OS for everything else.

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    Posted: 07 February 2009 05:51 PM #5

    Get Parallels, Fusion or VirtualBox and a copy of XP.

  • Posted: 11 February 2009 05:16 AM #6

    Check out QuoteTracker.

    QuoteTracker is a Windows based program that is free and interfaces with a number of brokerages. 

    I use it with TD Ameritrade and it works great! 
    Runs with no problem on Windows XP Pro via Parallels on a MacBook Pro.