I am now Leopardized!

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    Posted: 12 March 2009 10:29 AM

    I know this is a little late, since Leopard has been out for, what, 1.5 years now? But hey, I felt like sharing. :-D

    On my 1.67 GHz late 2005 PowerBook G4 with 1.5 GB RAM

    First impressions:
    -Startup takes much longer
    -Shut down is a lot faster
    -Stacks are cool
    -I can now tap the trackpad with two fingers for a right-click. Awesome!
    -It’s actually running decently. None of the painful slowness that I was fearing.
    -Spaces are cool
    -Time Machine is great
    -I like stacks
    -I can’t figure out if I like the dock yet. I’ve tried hiding it, putting it on the left hand side… so far, keeping it exposed seems to be the best solution. It is a little cheesy looking, though.

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    Posted: 31 March 2009 05:00 AM #1

    Don’t feel bad.  It took me until a couple of months ago to Leopardize as well.  Now that I have, all I can do is try to scheme and plan about how to buy a new iMac so that it, too, can run the newer OSes coming down the pike.  Alas, as much as I adore my iMac 800Ghz G4, this is the last upgrade it will see—and that’s assuming I get the time to install it since that machine isn’t technically supported with Leopard.  Believe me, I’ll be very, very sad to see it go as it was my very first Mac and I still love the design.  Nevertheless, there are new and better things to come and I must be ready for them.  Hence, the scheming and planning.

    Just know that you were not alone in coming fashionably late to the party.  All the best people are. smile

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    Posted: 02 April 2009 12:42 PM #2

    Hey, I’m right about the same time with you, from mid-March. As a MacUser since 1986, starting with a 512e, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming away from OS 9 into the brave new world with Unix under the hood. I didn’t convert to OS X until well into 10.2.something. And I fussed about X for months—as if Apple would backtrack for me.

    I’ve been comfy with 10.4. I’d planned to skip Plain Leopard, waiting for Snow Leopard before moving up again—assuming it comes out this summer, I’d planned to get it maybe this fall, with probably at least one update by then. But my iBook G4 had begun getting buggy in ways that happened with my previous iBook shortly before it went kapoof. Doing an Archive and Install didn’t fix it.

    Doing pre-funeral shopping, just in case, I started looking at the MacBook Pro 15” options, wanting to get everything ported over before it became a crisis. And then, voila, Apple came out with the refreshes—so that what had been a near top-of-the-line on one day was the next day in effect nudged down a couple of notches. The new editions didn’t bring any performance boosts that I’d consider MAJOR—but the presence of the latest and shiniest let me take advantage of a nice little savings on my brand-new but now-slightly-outdated Oct 2008 MBP. I even waited a couple of weeks with 10.5.5 before tapping the 10.5.6.

    Love the expanded gestures. Time Machine’s a delight (so far). Spaces I’m still getting used to. Coverflow’s useful when searching for images, but otherwise just nice to play with occasionally. So now, most likely, I’ll probably skip the next iteration, waiting to see what fine feline appears when the snow melts.

    Chuck B

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