Network Bridge—save me from my wife’s glare!!

  • Posted: 13 March 2009 04:36 PM


    I have a NETGEAR WPN824v2 wireless router.  I bought a BELKIN F5D7130 Wireless Range Extender/Access Point that a respectable online site said would work as a bridge… until I got it home and started reading the directions.  Hence the glaring looks from my wife and the poor saddened looks from my son who wants internet connection in his room (a mac G4 with no wireless card).

    So… the instructions definitely say “Wireless Bridging work with the following models only:  (and they name two belkin wireless routers).

    IS THERE A WAY… to fool my NETGEAR into letting in an ACCESS point?

    The main sticking point is that there is no place to add (that I can find) an ACCESS POINT MAC address to the netgear.

    There were a few things that would have made this NOT work had I not fixed them.  The default IP was  I changed it to to match my router .1.1.  The other was that I was on channel 1 and the belkin was on 11… so I switched those too.

    Here is a link to the menu of the netgear router— — If anything looks promising, PLEASE let me know.