Iphone Contacts Lost?

  • Posted: 21 March 2009 07:52 PM

    Hi, everyone, not sure if this is the right place, but I tried to sync my PC to Iphone and all my Iphone contacts have been lost!! ;-(

    I just want to know where to ask, or if someone does know, can they be retreived???

    Why has apple made syncing Iphone such a difficult task??? I didn’t even get a warning message that it was going to delete all contacts, so really #@$$%## off to be honest.

    Please help!!

  • Posted: 27 March 2009 12:06 PM #1

    Hi, me again, getting the contacts back I know is a lost cause, but how do you get the sim contacts from the Iphone to your computer without deleting the contacts off the Iphone?? This is the crazy thing, I lost the contacts I had put into the phone, but I do have a bunch of old contacts still stored in the sim card. But when I try to sync with my PC it always wants to replace what I have on the Iphone, so is it a lost cause and how should get these contacts across, thanks