March NetApplications statistics

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    Posted: 01 April 2009 08:15 AM

    NetApplications has just released the statistics for March. I have been following the statistics for the OS of internet users in an attempt to predict Apple’s CPU sales, but with little to show, since these numbers tend to lag actual sales. I have kept looking at these numbers to look for any dangerous trends and a bit for entertainment.

    Since NetApplications has changed it’s methodology from the beginning of 2009 with respect to Mac use, I do not have enough data points to predict future Mac penetration. I will have to wait for quite some time, maybe January 2010, before I can make meaningful predictions of Mac use on the internet.

    I have however been tracking iPhone daily usage statistics, and I have made the below chart, where I have compared use of the iPhone during the week over the past year. I was hoping to find a pattern in which the iPhone is used more during the week, as it is adopted by a wider user base and especially in businesses. This has not occurred to the extent I was hoping. iPhone use has grown during the week, since summer, but has stayed pretty constant since then. The Christmas period is somewhat of an exception due to significant vacations occurring during the week. An indication that the iPhone is being used during the week as much as during the weekend will be a sign that has been adopted by the business users as well.

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    Posted: 03 April 2009 08:14 PM #1

    This is not exactly on topic but provides additional evidence of the adoption of the Apple ecosystem in the US college environment

    UVa First-Year Student Computer Inventory:- 2008 Results
    Since 1997 University of Virginia have kept an inventory of the computing ownership; type of computer; operating system; network capability; peripherals; and in recent years, mobile device ownership, of the first-year students. These data provide an interesting insight into the computing habits of the new students.
    As might be expected all students now arrive with a computer the vast majority (98%) having a laptop. The chosen operating system has changed over the years and as the graph below shows, with Mac OS steadily increasing to currently lie at 37%. Since 10 years ago in 1990 the Mac share stood at 4% this is a staggering increase.

    The survey also looks at other electronic devices, nearly 82% possess an iPod or iPhone underlining Apple’s domination of this market group.

    BlackBerry   187
    Other Smartphone   268
    Game Console   277
    Other mp3   282
    iPhone   190
    iPod Touch   361
    iPod   1967
    Printer   2577

    I’ve also updated the table of University computer usage below.

    University   % Mac   Date   Link
    Cornell   21%  Sept 2007
    U. of Virginia   37%  1 Apr 2009
    James Madison Univ   14%  Mar 2007
    UW-Madison   20%  Aug 2007
    Princeton   40%  5 Oct 2007
    Dartmouth College   55%  25 Oct 2007
    Georgetown University Law Center   25%  11 May 2007
    Oregen State Uni   5%  26 Feb 2008
    Wilkes University   100%  23 Feb 2007
    Oregon’s George Fox University   100%  2008
    New York Medical College   33%  2008
    OC University   100%  2008

  • Posted: 05 April 2009 02:35 PM #2

    I’ve moved this topic to the education forum due to post above and its data relating to the migration to Apple products on college campuses.