Keyboard Questions: cleaning, protecting, replacing

  • Posted: 07 April 2009 11:50 PM

    My iMac keyboard has collected an undue amount of cat hair and small debris. Again. I need to learn a method to thoroughly clean the keyboard. That’s my first question.

    This keyboard seems to easily collect junk. It seems to me I have a couple of choices. Find a way to live in a more sterile environment, find a “skin” or protective covering that still allows good tactile response from the keyboard, or find a new keyboard. I won’t ask for opinions on my environment! So, what protective coverings have worked for you?

    If I choose to replace this keyboard, what are some good options?

    Thanks to all for the opinions forthcoming!


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  • Posted: 03 May 2009 10:25 AM #1

    I personally like the iSkin protectors, but agree that the older style Apple keyboards were a nightmare to keep clean. There are ways to clean them, but frankly it’s not worth it. I have tried many times and can never get it looking good enough to warranty the effort.

    I can highly recommend the newer Apple keyboards, which are much easier to clean and fairly cheap. That would be my personal choice.


    -Matt Cox / Mac Technician / Matt on Twitter