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    Posted: 13 August 2001 12:37 PM

    Many have mentioned the problem of making posts when logged in and having them appear as Anonymous posts.

    The problem is that your login has expired. So, while the page you are on when making the post says that you are logged in, in fact it has expired.  If you refreshed your page, it would show you are no longer logged in.

    There are two solutions for this: In your prefs, there is an option that says “Store my username in a cookie for 1 year.:” (please ignore the bad punctuation, it is beyond our control for the nonce).  You can set that to “yes” and you won’t have to log in for a year.

    For many, that is not an option or is not desirable for whatever reason.

    The second solution is for us to increase the amount of time that your temporary login lasts.  We can do so, but with Dave on vacation it will have to await his return next week.  Until then, bear with us.  Thanks to everyone who has let us know about the problem.


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  • Posted: 13 August 2001 12:37 PM #1

    If you save your info, in a cookie or whatever, it will remember your user name for one year but not your password.  If you should happen to hit Submit before entering your password, it will then give you an error saying “please enter your username and password”.  You can then hit “Back”, your message will still be there.  This is a great way to avoid the annoying occasional anonymous post.


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