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    Posted: 09 April 2009 03:33 PM

    Hey all, I am new to this forum and wanted to make a intro post…I’ve been looking around and like what I see…My soon to be wife has always used a mac so I’m no stranger, but I myself only this month made the switch over from the dreaded MS…Got myself the 13” alum.w/4gb and the 256ssd, and I already can’t put it down.  Even colleagues at my office who are die hard PC dudes are browsing it any chance they get.  I like a stress free life, and I know all computers have their share, but this is one step closer to that life.  I couldn’t let go of the PC at work, since I do engineering and math intensive work, but I know there will be a way someday with this company…well either way, thanks for reading guys, hope to learn much here !



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