AT&T & iPhone

  • Posted: 17 April 2009 09:05 AM #16

    A lot of great points in this thread as to why Apple may decide to stay exclusively with T.  One more reason may have nothing to do with cell phones:  the TV room. 

    T is now moving aggressively with U-verse.  Apple would like to be THE box in the TV room, and Apple would like a share of those “triple play” revenues, just like Apple now gets a share of T’s cell revenues through the subsidy arrangement. 

    T has a lot to offer Apple, and the beautiful thing is that Apple now has the leverage to ask for a lion’s share of it.

  • Posted: 17 April 2009 11:30 AM #17

    U-verse is becoming serious competition for cable companies and the service looks more attractive by the day. I haven’t moved to the service yet, but I have no real affection for TWC, my current services provider. I wonder how Apple might fit into the mix for future U-verse services.