iPhone OS overtakes Symbian OS use

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    Posted: 25 April 2009 09:52 AM

    Alex Walker writes:

    ...Admob, an ?Ad mob? that specialize in the mobile space, have just published a report stating that iPhone OS had now officially overtaken Symbian as their most commonly detected mobile OS. iPhone OS now presents worldwide on 38% of the devices they serve to, with Symbian OS easing to 36%.

    Of course, this doesn?t mean there are more phones using iPhone OS than Symbian ? because there aren?t. Symbian has been around for more than 10 years and is present on literally tens of millions of phones out there. But it does give you a good snapshot of who?s using the mobile web. Just because a user CAN access the web via their handset, doesn?t mean they do….

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  • Posted: 25 April 2009 09:57 AM #1

    Using the web on a Symbian device isn’t as much fun, nor as productive, as doins so on an iPhone.

  • Posted: 25 April 2009 10:04 PM #2

    If true it’s an astonishing accomplishment for a company (Apple) that’s been in the handset business for less than two years.