Why Steve?s desire to demolish his house is a GOOD THING!

  • Posted: 27 April 2009 09:44 AM

    Perhaps the (mostly unjustified) panic over Steve Jobs’ health will be quieted by the news of the recent resubmission of his demolition request to the Woodside Town Council.

    It’s highly unlikely that—-if Steve were facing death—-he would put such effort into a massive demolition and new house building project that would require several years to reach completion. THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS! Hopefully this perspective will reach the less manipulative of the AAPL journalistic chattering class.

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    Posted: 27 April 2009 09:59 AM #1

    I dunno.  People can do strange things at any time of their life.

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    Posted: 27 April 2009 10:36 AM #2


    “Even in the worst of times, someone turns a profit. . ” —#162 Ferengi: Rules of Acquisition

  • Posted: 27 April 2009 02:31 PM #3

    Philip ElmerDe-Witt has a story on the house in question - not Steve Jobs actual home. With pictures and links to more photographs and Jobs petitiion to the Town of Woodside.

    He [Jobs] has called it ?one of the biggest abominations of a house I?ve ever seen?

  • Posted: 13 March 2010 11:37 PM #4

    Tan, I think ghobi is right, I thought it was a different house. I think this is just the shack he is camping out in until he builds his dream house smile

    edit - it is the Jackling House - I say bring it down!!

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