Amazon buys Lexcycle

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    Posted: 27 April 2009 06:29 PM

    Dan Fromer at Business Insider is reporting that Amazon have purchased Lexcycle (the company not a copy of their Stanza for the iPhone).

    Amazon (AMZN) has acquired Lexcycle, the software company that makes Stanza, a popular iPhone e-book reader. Could this be the team that builds Amazon’s (AMZN) Kindle app on the iPhone? The Kindle app that Amazon rolled out earlier this year is functional but basic.
    Lexcycle says no changes (yet). “We are not planning any changes in the Stanza application or user experience as a result of the acquisition. Customers will still be able to browse, buy, and read ebooks from our many content partners. We look forward to offering future products and services that we hope will resonate with our passionate readers.”

    Article can be read Here.