Another analyst that doesn’t get it

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    Posted: 13 May 2009 09:59 AM


    Well, run for the hills everyone. Apple is about to go under, at least according to Carmi Levy at TG Daily:

    For all the seismic change in consumer buying behavior, no one seems to have shared the news with Apple. While rumors of low-end Macs continue to swirl, the company has denied its current offerings are overpriced. No wonder: Apple?s margins actually increased last quarter, and any move downmarket will erode those numbers in a heartbeat. Apple has always succeeded by avoiding the commoditization game, and it assumes that same strategy will continue to work in 2009.

    It won?t.

    While Apple continues to squeeze more profit out of every box it sells, long-term success will have less to do with actually selling boxes. Apple may have bought itself some time by killing Mac clones in 1997, but sooner or later, owning the hardware will cease to be a competitive differentiator. These days, the ecosystem?s the thing, and Apple can buck industry trends for only so long. At some point, it needs to shift its focus away from maximizing Mac margins toward maximizing the potential of the Mac environment.

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    Posted: 14 May 2009 11:13 AM #1

    This is sooo 10 years ago…