Safari 4 Beta

  • Posted: 15 May 2009 01:11 AM

    Two steps forward, three steps back
    We want tuna that taste good, not tuna with good taste

    Safari 4.0 Beta

      The skill of those who wrote the code for Safari 4.0 is not in question. That what they produced though may or may not be judged as progress. That they speeded up Safari is good. They may as well have deleted the feature that are considered to be less than felicitous, if so, that is also desirable. That make two steps forward.

      The upper half of the initial bookmarks screen is beautiful. It has marvelous control of the graphic objects. But what is its purpose? If it does have a useful purpose, which I doubt, the use of a black background slows mental interpretation of what human eye and human brain processes by at least 40%. It sure looks nice. One step back.

      That half of the bookmarks screen is taken up with graphic games reduces the textual content by half. For what benefit? A second step back.

      The blue ribbon in previous versions that let you now that the machine was working and how far the work was done was marvelous. The miniscule clock symbol is hard for my old yes to see. It only lets you know that work is in progress. Somewhat like when driving from Boston to Seattle on I are told you are somewhere between Watertown and the Floating Bridge. But where? One giant step back. That makes three steps back.

      That the list of bookmarks still remains in chronological order is inexplicable. If they wanted to make use of the list as difficult as they could, they may have succeeded. May I suggest alpha -numeric order of the first ten characters? I am certain that they know how to do that.