Shared computer name is followed by an increasing number. Any one know why?

  • Posted: 17 May 2009 03:32 PM


    I have a Mac Mini 1.42GHz G4 that I have running SecuritySpy software under Mac OS X 10.5.7. Due to occasional glitches with the audio section of the camera interface driver I have scheduled it to reboot once a day.

    I access it via screen sharing from two other Macs, a unibody MacBook Pro and an iMac. Over the past few weeks the computer name and hence the shared name that appears in finder has a number in brackets following the name (e.g Name (1)) and the number has now increased to 7.

    It doesn’t stop things working but its midly irritating. Any ideas why it’s doing this and how do I stop it?



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  • Posted: 18 October 2009 03:47 PM #1


    I seem to have a similar problem with my iMac 24” CoreDuo running MacOS X 10.5. It is brand new, and it’s share name has reached Mac van Mirjam bakker (3497)

    The number in the name increases all the time, even without rebooting!
    When I rename the Mac, the number re-appears and starts increasing from 1 again…

    Have you found out yet what the cause is?

    Regards, Berent

  • Posted: 18 October 2009 09:41 PM #2

    This was happening pretty regularly with my Mac Mini after I upgraded to Leopard a couple of years ago. I had been using both ethernet and WiFi; when I disabled the Airport interface it pretty much stopped.

    [edit] Though I also wonder if it has something to do with SMB file sharing? SMB sharing seems to indicate that the server is active well after the machine has gone to sleep or been shut down. Perhaps when the machine restarts and sees a share name with the same name it adds the [1] to make sure that there is not a name collision? I could be wrong about that, though perhaps it is worth a try if you have SMB sharing enabled but do not actually need it . . .

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