Track Pad & ‘Picker’ Problem

  • Posted: 23 May 2009 06:10 AM

    MacBook : OS x 10.5.7

    Hello Everybody, I’ve got a big problem.

    This morning, when I turned on my Mac, I discovered that my ‘clicker’ (just under the track pad) didn’t responded - or responded very badly.

    I ran :

    - Repair DiskPermissions
    - Repair Disk (from an external HD)

    Both had acceptable results

    I reset the pram.

    In addition, I can’t start-up with the system disks. Every time I try, the CD is ejected. I even set it the start-up disk but was met with the same results !

    I hooked up a 2 button external mouse only to be surprised by more strange behavior (I have no software for this mouse) :

    - The left click works fine - for a very short or for a long period. The reason for the length is foreign to me. When it doesn’t work & I resort to the right button, it acts as if I were clicking on the left button while holding down the ctrl key (‘sticky’ pull-down window !) In addition, when in this state, the dock becomes inaccessible. If it’s in the mood, which is more often than not, there is no reaction at all & I must resort to a restart.

    If I click on the track-pad or the ‘clicker’, everything open becomes ‘frozen’ & a restart is obligatory (which I have done more than 8 times to post this !).

    Never having seen such results, I suspected a virus & began my search for a solution in this area. I found 2 groups - for & against.

    I get the exact same results when starting-up with an external HD !

    Thank you very much.

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    Posted: 23 May 2009 02:48 PM #1

    If it is happening when booting from an external HD, then it is not a virus or trojan (which currently is a miniscule probability anyway). It is more likely an issue with the button itself or the motherboard.