One Device in The Pocket

  • Posted: 08 June 2009 10:51 PM

    If you go to Amazon and check out the “Most Gifted Electronics” list you can see in an instant what the world buys in electronics.  What strikes me most is that the iPhone 3G S replaces every one of these items.  The new gizmo is an iPod, a GPS turn-by-turn device, a camera, a Flip-like camcorder, and an ebook reader.  It won’t match all the functionality of the best individual product in each class, but for the first time it has enough functionality to be acceptable as a replacement for most situations for every small electronics category.

    And the tradeoff for the remaining functional limitations is that the iPhone accomplishes it all in one device that fits in your pocket.  And oh yes, its also a phone, an email and texting device, and a websurfing computer.

    Apple products have dominated the top 25 most wanted electronics gifts for awhile.  But now, an iPhone is the ONLY small electronics product you need. 

    Should make everyone’s wish list a lot shorter this holiday season.

  • Posted: 09 June 2009 01:42 AM #1

    Insightful and accurate. Thank you.  grin

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    Posted: 11 June 2009 10:14 AM #2

    Interesting take on the future of netbooks vs Smart Phones

    Consider the factors:

    Size: A bit too large to go into your pocket; a bit too small for regular day-to-day work.
    Power: Slightly more capable than a smartphone; slightly less capable than a laptop.
    Price: Slightly higher than a higher-end smartphone but lacking a phone?s capability and portability; slightly lower than a lower-end notebook but lacking a notebook?s speed and storage.
    To summarize: Slightly bigger and pricier than a phone, but can?t phone. Slightly smaller and cheaper than a laptop, but not that much smaller or cheaper. To adapt a phrase I used in an article I wrote yesterday, netbooks are like laptops, but lamer.