Had my first bad Apple experience

  • Posted: 12 June 2009 09:46 AM

    As an Apple fanatic and share holder, I had always thought Apple was “different” than all the other huge corporations but my recent experience shows otherwise:

    I ordered a refurb Macbook pro yesterday at 6:30 EST.  I realized about 30 min. later that I had selected the wrong shipping address (home vs. work) so I went online to see if I could edit the shipping address.  No luck as my order was already “preparing” for shipment.  I can’t fault Apple for efficiency there!  So I call up the Apple customer care number on my receipt and wait….and wait… for 45 minutes!  I then hang up and try again in an hour (8:30 pm EST) and it’s the same story, 35 minutes on hold!  I wait one more hour and call again, only to receive the message that Apple customer care is closed!  WTF?  How does Apple NOT have a 24 hour customer care line??  I go to bed and wake up with a shipping confirmation email this morning.  Again, I give them 5 stars on their efficiency with handling orders.  I decided to try my hand at the customer support line again this morning (8:30 am EST) and am currently on hold for 22 minutes! What happened to that #1 spot on customer care surveys!??  I am very displeased with this incident and can only wonder how other people with more pressing problems than me are feeling as they wait on this seemingly endless hold line.  Poor form Apple.