iPhone 3.0 Now Available!

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    litespeed - 19 June 2009 01:09 PM
    josesensei - 19 June 2009 12:49 AM

    I took a quick look around the new OS slitespeed, I think I have to report “negative on that.


    Thanks Jose, I couldn’t find it either.

    From what I’ve been reading about the tethering hacks, one can (with the 3G/3Gs) tether via bluetooth.

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    This might be what turn by turn directions will cost us:

    First iPhone App with In-App Purchasing: $1 App, $10 Per Month

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    willrob - 19 June 2009 01:43 PM

    This might be what turn by turn directions will cost us:

    First iPhone App with In-App Purchasing: $1 App, $10 Per Month

    I think these guys missed the boat on pricing.  Consumers are going to revolt and go elsewhere.  When you already have google maps for free.  How much is full PDN worth?  Certainly no more then you can buy a standalone device.

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    There’s a new iPhone User guide pdf, updated for the 3.0 OS.

    Available here

    From your iPhone you can go to the Safari link


    And then add it as a web app to your homescreen.

    There are now 11 pages (up from 9) for apps, and as in the previous OS you can add more apps than can be displayed. Previously even if you deleted apps to make room for new ones, they wouldn’t appear until you did a hard restart. Now the hidden ones can be launched from Spotlight, assuming you can remember the name.

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    My 3Gs arrived, but ATT says it may take up to 48 hours to activate. I assume this is due to heavy demand.

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    Just back from the Apple Store Westchester in White Plains, NY with a new 32GB model, to replace my original iPhone (which I purchased on the Saturday morning following the first night of availability).

    I’d reserved the phone the previous week (after working around an AT&T glitch in which having family texting prevented the reservation from going through; I had to temporarily turn it off; reserve; and then turn it back on again).

    I arrived around 9:30, and there was a short line outside for non-reservations; I was put to the front of the (empty) line at the time for reserved phones, and within a few minutes, I was in the store and being processed. I -should- have been out of there in 10 minutes.

    But no, not that simple. At the last stage, the transaction wouldn’t complete. I called AT&T, thinking that having family texting turned on was the problem; they turned it off; still no good. Then they dropped the iPhone 2.5G data plan, in case that was the problem. Still no good, so I ended up spending the next hour in a VERY slow moving line of unfortunates whose AT&T activations wouldn’t work…:-) Eventually, I was able to pay for it, activate by plugging into iTunes on one of the laptops there, and all is well.

    I’m now home, I’ve restored into the new iPhone from the backup of the original iPhone that I’d made at 8:30 this morning. Other than having to re-enter the passwords on all mail accounts, it was seamless.

    The old iPhone continue to work as usual, other than: no AT&T connection. so no phone calls or texting. I’ve moved the phone app way back to the last page and replaced it with Voice Memos for the moment. AT&T tells me that I can give this phone to anyone else on my family plan (and it will activate and get the “old” $20/month data plan) if I simply remove the SIM from one of the old Samsungs and drop it into the old iPhone.

    Voice dialing and recognition, plus the extra speed, is enough to justify the cost of the upgrade, plus I’ve now got 32GB and enough room to put my entire music library in here, finally! The new glass surface feels smoother in a way; everything is faster; the animations are smoother; Google Earth is MUCH faster and smoother; browsing through large photos in photo libraries is much smoother; browsing through even larger photos in 3rd party applications (such as Air Sharing) is incredibly faster. (Must be use of the new 3D chip) The “feel” of using the new one is light night and day compared to the 2-year old original.

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    dmiller, thanks for sharing your story.  grin

    We have two original iPhones (mine included) on our family plan. Good to know I can pass them to other members of the household and keep the old data plan in place on those phones.

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    Just an aside: I had trouble getting the Find My iPhone to work after installing 3.0 on my original iPhone. After reading all of the support notes, it came down to restarting the iPhone after the installation to get it working properly.

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    dmiller - 19 June 2009 06:48 PM

    The “feel” of using the new one is light night and day compared to the 2-year old original.

    I generally make it a habit to skip at least one generation when doing hardware-based upgrades. So I can definitely sympathize when dmiller points out the big difference between iPhone 1.0 and 3GS. On this schedule, I can’t wait till next summer when iPhone 4.0 will be out.

    As an aside, I still have my PowerPC G5 tower as my main machine, and I’m looking to get an intel macbook pro after Snow-L is released.

    There I anticipate not just a night and day difference, but something like black hole-horizon versus surface-of-the-sun difference.