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  • Posted: 21 June 2009 03:23 PM

    I’m not seeing any reports of constrained stock of 3G S iPhones, considering the launch in multiple territories and expanded domestic retails sales through not only Apple and AT&T but Best Buy and Wal-Mart as well. Could this be due in part to better planning and inventory logistics as well as the impact on in stores sales via of pre-orders?

    While anecdotal sales reports and analyst estimates vary, the release of the 3G S appears to have gone much more smoothly at the start than last year’s release of the 3G iPhone and the release of the original iPhone two years ago.

    What’s causing the difference in the ease of purchase this time around and the availability of product at retail points of purchase?

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    DawnTreader - 21 June 2009 06:23 PM

    What’s causing the difference in the ease of purchase this time around and the availability of product at retail points of purchase?

    Apple learned from prior problems and worked to avoid them. I went to my local Apple store yesterday and there was still a line ? about 20 people deep ? for purchasing the new iPhone. Now that it’s Sunday, I wonder if there is, somewhere in the world, someone standing in line patiently waiting .

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    Posted: 21 June 2009 04:00 PM #2

    Three things making this a smoother launch this time might be better communication between AAPL and T, better planning by Apple and more salespeople. As I had just stopped service when I lost my 3G phone, I thought there might be issues re-activating my new phone. Gladly, this was not the case. The salesperson was able to call T and activate my new phone (and sell me a car charger that will broadcast through my car stereo) before passing me off to a Genius to complete the activation in 20 minutes total. Others were getting processed in 10 -15 minutes. It felt like the division of labor between the salespeople and Geniuses worked smoothly rather than the salespeople handling the whole sales and activation process like last time. Although there was a very small line outside the store (single-digits), there was always a line - people kept queuing, but getting served quickly.
    With T reporting ‘hundreds of thousands’ of 3GS phones pre-ordered, estimates of in-store sales based on long lines are going to understate the total number of phones sold.


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    Pre orders to be picked up at the Apple Store or the ATT store still may have resulted in lines to complete the activation. I’m not sure how either store handled the possible scenarios: a line for pre-orders needing to complete the deal and activate, and a line for off the street purchases. I can’t see any reason to pre order to be picked up in a store unless you knew you wouldn’t be home for delivery and couldn’t accept delivery at your work place.

    In general I’ve heard only good things from both Apple Store and ATT store purchases.