6 Million iPhone 3.0 Downloads

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    Posted: 26 June 2009 04:31 AM #16

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see a big deal about paying $10 or so a year to update the iPod touch OS.  You do get some significant updates for the price.  Sarbanes-Oxley aside, I would bet that Apple doesn’t “care” as much about the iPod touch updaters as they do the iPhone OS updaters.  If they really wanted to drive adoption, they could easily drop the price.  It’s a nice $10-20 million or so boost, but it’s a rounding error in revenues and earnings.

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  • Posted: 26 June 2009 09:55 AM #17

    I think we’ll see a lot more upgrades (to 3GS phone) as more and more owners reach the date when they become eligible for the subsidized upgrade price.

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    Posted: 26 June 2009 11:21 AM #18

    willrob - 26 June 2009 12:55 PM

    I think we’ll see a lot more upgrades (to 3GS phone) as more and more owners reach the date when they become eligible for the subsidized upgrade price.

    I agree.  I was at the Apple store yesterday in the middle of the afternoon.  They replaced my old broken 3G phone which I sold to a friend for $150.  Anyway, the store was packed, there was a line to get in and another line to buy the new iPhone.  I asked a couple sales people to tell me the breakdown between the 3G and 3GS.  One said it was hard to tell, while the other quickly gave the company line of we don’t know.

    We could see 50/50 between these two items.  And just as the iPhone owners are updating their iPhones, there will be millions of iPod owners who don’t own the touch and will upgrade this fall.

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    Posted: 30 June 2009 11:23 PM #19

    I am strangely surprised by the vociferous reactions from some ipod touch owners to paying for the upgrade to 3.0. I have a friend who develops apps for a living and his app was released over the last couple of days and is getting slagging reviews from customers complaining that the app costs 99 cents PLUS 9.99 to upgrade to OS 3.0.

    I suspect that these comments are coming from 14 year old boys living in their parent’s bedrooms but it looks a little like a lot of Touch owners are reluctant to upgrade.

    I find this a complete mystery as 9.99 to get a machine with a whole host of upgraded features seems like a bargain to me. But then again I am nearly 50 and 10 bucks doesn’t seem too expensive to me.



  • Posted: 01 July 2009 01:52 AM #20

    istar - 01 July 2009 02:18 AM

    Although there are some problems of new iphone 3g, it also has big sales exceed the expection of apple Inc. In my opionion, new iphone is good as its price and functions. As an owner of iphone, i like it very much although sometimes i need something like [link deleted], it doesn’t matter, i also like it.

    istar, why would you need a video converter for Mac for your iPhone? I’ve deleted the link. Your post appears to be spam.

  • Posted: 01 July 2009 11:09 AM #21

    Apple has address two of the major complaints about OS 3 in the new SDK seeded to developers yesterday: you now can save the original video footage after editing, and Bluetooth headsets can now be used for Voice Control.


    Phone OS 3.1 Features: Non-Destructive Video Editing, Voice Control Over Bluetooth and More

    Written by Eric Slivka

    Mac Rumors

    Apple yesterday seeded iPhone OS 3.1 and iPhone SDK 3.1 betas to developers for testing, and users have been digging through the new releases to document new features. Among the changes found so far by readers in our forums, at Redmond Pie, and at MobileCrunch:

    - Trimming video clips on the iPhone 3GS now offers the ability to save the edited version as a copy rather than simply overwriting the original file.
    - Voice Control over Bluetooth is now available, allowing users to Initiate calls and control music playback via Bluetooth headsets.
    - MMS is now enabled by default, but still not supported by AT&T.
    - iPhone vibrates when rearranging Home screen icons.
    - A “Fraud Protection” toggle is now available in Safari settings.
    - iPhone startup and shutdown and app launching times have improved.
    - New APIs allow developers of third-party application to access and edit videos.
    - OpenGL and Quartz have seen improvements.

  • Posted: 01 July 2009 07:54 PM #22

    I can’t verify that this is real. I’d like to think it is, but you decide for yourself. I assume other languages would be available at some point, IF it is real and IF it is released to the app store.