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    blue sequoia - 06 July 2009 10:31 PM

    I noticed that the white 16GB iphone is showing “unavailable” in many stores in many states

    Any thoughts on this?  Are the reported discoloration/heating problems true (and Apple is trying to fix the problem creating low supply) or is the white 16GB iphone just the most popular model?  personally I like the black one.

    The discoloration of the white phones was due to cheap cases and not over heating. The production run for white cases may have been smaller based on previous black vs white modeling. Most people prefer the black. Men think white is feminine, and women think white is stereotyping.

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    I think the color preference is purely a personal choice and we have no idea what quantity of which model Apple produced the most.  The fact that the roll out was limited means they can adjust the mix and quickly meet any unforeseen color/model choice.  I would expect the supplies to be somewhat constrained for awhile as they attempt to balance supplying the initial launch locations vs the new launches.  Last year the peak production was over 800K per week if the IMEI based analysis was reasonable, so Apple will move the units to their stores while supplying units as required to the network providers.  I would expect Apple to be constrained by production this quarter which will be great for the results over the next few months.

    As far as the battery goes.  The technology is LiPo which is less destructive then LI Ion in a overheat condition.  We have yet to see anything burst into flames so my take is the issue is overblown, but Apple could have a small number of units with bad cells which could be causing the problem.

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    I’m not sure I’ve seen a white iPhone in the wild. Granted, some people cover their phones with cases, but I think all of the iPhones I’ve encountered in which the color was visible have been black ones. I’m curious as to the ratio of sales between black and white iPhones.

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    Tons of white iPhones here in NYC (including my own).  I picked mine up at the 5th Ave. Store this last weekend and saw at least 5 others being purchased.