Apple's 4th Fiscal Quarter Results

Poll: Will Apple beat the consensus earnings estimate for the quarter?
Total Votes: 8
Apple will surpass the consensus earnings estimate
Apple will meet the estimate
Apple will miss the estimate due to softness in the PC market
  • Posted: 11 October 2002 06:52 PM

    Apple is scheduled to release quarterly earnings information on Wednesday 10/16, following the market close. The consensus estimate is for Apple to have earned $.02 per share for the quarter that ended in September.

  • Posted: 14 October 2002 05:11 AM #1

    If I remember correctly, Apple already modified their earnings forecast downwards earlier in the year. (Right?)

    I expect them to meet their target, the extra money earned from .Mac and the iPod should be a bonus.



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  • Posted: 15 October 2002 02:01 PM #2

    I can’t seem to figure out how to vote (is it Omniweb?).

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  • Posted: 16 October 2002 04:04 PM #3

    heh. I’m glad I don’t follow you guys for stock tips smile

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    Posted: 16 October 2002 05:35 PM #4

    Fortunately, we don’t offer stock tips.  grin


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  • Posted: 17 October 2002 11:28 PM #5

    Well, sometimes we do. Here’s the best stock tip I have:

    Buy low, sell high raspberry

    However, the choice of which stock to buy, which stock to sell and when to buy and sell is strictly up to the reader.