Windows Mobile Dev Team attempt to get converts from the Apple “Gulag”

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    Posted: 02 August 2009 04:04 PM

    Full Article Here.

    Hello, my name is Constanze Roman and I?m a Community PM with the Windows Mobile Community Team. If you?ve been curious about porting an iPhone app to the Windows Mobile platform, then I have exciting news for you! We have just published a new technical article on MSDN titled Porting the Amplitude Application from the iPhone to a Windows Mobile Device ? a Case Study which outlines the real-world experiences of a developer who ported the popular Amplitude application.



  • Posted: 02 August 2009 05:17 PM #1

    If you can’t beat’ em, just copy them. The pioneers continue to take the arrows. Seems Apple’s treatment of developers wasn’t so poor after all. Once you realize that those developers can walk across the street for a new audience it seems Apple really paved the way for their new found market.

  • Posted: 02 August 2009 08:45 PM #2

    Old story, new decade.  rolleyes