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  • Posted: 12 August 2009 11:37 PM

    I don’t think Apple’s iPhone availability site is being updated anymore. I’ve been checking availability for Apple Stores in Alabama, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington every day for the last two weeks or so, and nothing changes. I wonder why? Perhaps knowing the iPhone you wanted wasn’t available at a particular store was discouraging customers from visiting stores and looking at other Apple products?

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  • Posted: 13 August 2009 12:30 AM #1

    Perhaps the critical shortages in the US have been resolved and there’s no longer a reason to post daily availability updates.

  • Posted: 13 August 2009 12:54 AM #2

    Perhaps the critical shortages have been eliminated, but then Apple should take the site down. It’s unattended. It’s just like nobody’s home.

    (The following text added):

    For instance, California shows the Arden Fair Store has no iPhones at all. That information is left over from when the Arden Fair Store was being remodeled. The remodeling was completed August 1st. I’m sure they are not totally out of all models of iPhones, so the information is just plain incorrect.

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  • Posted: 13 August 2009 02:09 AM #3

    Apple stores have cured supply shortages, but not BBY. 11 store district has on 21 on-hand for 16GB Black, couple stores have none, couple have 1 unit, a couple have 2 and couple have 6-7 units. The estimated weeks supply is about .10 to .25.  Usually it’s couple-few weeks.

    Looks like BBY has been fighting shortages since launch, it’s likely getting a handful every other day, and stores get what they sell.

    I would surmise that inventory is being filled abroad, and when that is fulfilled, BBY will get a larger supply instead of day to day.

    DawnTreader - 13 August 2009 03:30 AM

    Perhaps the critical shortages in the US have been resolved and there’s no longer a reason to post daily availability updates.


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    Posted: 13 August 2009 03:43 AM #4

    We’ll see if we can get an answer out of Apple on this one on Friday.


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  • Posted: 13 August 2009 09:00 AM #5

    I wonder if the pending China deal, and its unique build, was responsible for the constrained supply earlier?

  • Posted: 13 August 2009 11:33 AM #6

    willrob - 13 August 2009 12:00 PM

    I wonder if the pending China deal, and its unique build, was responsible for the constrained supply earlier?

    I doubt it. Relatively speaking, the number of units being mentioned is dwarfed by global demand in other territories. This product is major global hit. I see a potential China deal as a secondary consideration at this time. There are markets that will provide much higher margins on each handset sold and iPhone units are already making their way onto the mainland via of Hong Kong. I’m in no rush to see a China deal while global demand continues to constrain supplies.

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    Posted: 13 August 2009 11:53 AM #7

    willrob - 13 August 2009 12:00 PM

    I wonder if the pending China deal, and its unique build, was responsible for the constrained supply earlier?

    Last year peak production was estimated at about 150K per day Tech Crunch

    Based on the rumors , the China Iphone is being built on the same line as the rest of the iphones so along with the additional country rollout Apple will be supplied constrained for awhile.  The good thing would be if Apple pushed foxconn to a 7 day work week just to meet demand.  That would push us to 1M per week and would be a nice present for us shareholders.

  • Posted: 26 August 2009 04:39 PM #8

    I just checked Apple’s iPhone availability website and there are now many red squares across the states.  If accurate, I assume it would have to do with all the additional country launches, and the linked article below talks about the status of these launches.


  • Posted: 27 August 2009 09:45 PM #9

    Interesting article. There have been shortages throughout the month despite:
    a.) no new country launches
    b.) Tim Cook’s logistical team and attention to improving supplies after a launch 10 weeks ago.

    It has to be positive news that the share market may not be quite taking in - taking in this quarter’s information of a likely record quarter, digesting for the cash flow that it is generating, and the guaranteed revenue base for the next 7 quarters. Yesterday’s volume of just over 10 million shares on a reduced volume daily average of 17 million (down from 30+ million a year or so ago) tells me some fund managers are still on holiday in two senses of the word. The headlines may be shouting China deal but the real important story is Apple is still having shortages of supply due to incredible demand for a popular and sizzling hot product.

    The script for the availability page started working within hours of that article going up so somebody at Apple got it to work again. Like Douglas Stanton and Gaurang Donovan, I had noticed it was not working long ago. Last night’s closing total was 53% of 16GB and 34% of 32GB options being unavailable in those US stores. The list did not have the two new stores opened recently. Maybe they will update that this weekend when they open two more stores.

    I now one store that is closed for renovating and they are treating it with the green boxes of availability. They are not having to supply those stores so the unavailability story would be worse if those stores were open for iPhone sales.

    Besides the run-up to Christmas, how often do shortages of popular products occur for 10 weeks?

  • Posted: 28 August 2009 12:17 AM #10

    I looked at the availability in all 50 states. While there are some shortages, the level of unavailability really can’t be compared to the chronic shortages that occurred after launch.

    It may be an issue of unexpected sales at a number of stores that exceeded expectations and available inventory.

  • Posted: 28 August 2009 07:14 AM #11

    I count stores in only 42 states that are covered in the Apple availability pages. grin I wish they had stores in all 50 states but see that it is unnecessary. Exposure in a few more countries would be better at this point in time.

    Taking the few days of numbers that I counted before the page update failed at the end of July, plus the latest two days when the pages are working, I have combined them with the ones I could dig out of the other articles Donovan published earlier.

    16 GB option ? iPhone 3GS

    60% - 4 July - Donovan’s figure
    79.1% ? 5 July
    77.3% - 7 July
    89.8% - 8 July
    42.4% ? 12 July
    23.7% ? 19 July
    3.8% - 27 July - My figures below
    1.6% - 28 July
    2.1% - 29 July
    53% - 26 August
    19% - 27 August

    32 GB option ? iPhone 3GS

    4.5% - 4 July - Donovan’s figure
    7.8% ? 5 July
    13.5% -7 July
    19.9% - 8 July
    32.9% ? 12 July
    36.3% ? 19 July
    6.1% - 27 July - My figures below
    3.8% - 28 July
    2.6% - 29 July
    33.6% - 26 August
    17.1% - 27 August

    Though the table is incomplete, the percentage of unavailability for each model is now a little higher and still fluctuating a lot for a non-perishable consumer product. The numbers represent only the US stores.

    And over the last month outside the US:
    - Canada, UK and Australia carriers reported out in the last 30 days at times. That is “out of stock completely” as in a chronic shortage for at least the day of the reporting of that.
    - I have read comments expressing waiting times in getting an iPhone in Canada and the UK on other sites of users.
    - Donovan points to online stores of Apple still showing delays of 5 days to two weeks outside the US.
    - they have not launched any more countries since 31 July and still have 32 more countries from the list on the slide, (not all launching on Friday nor this month).

    It is all anecdotal evidence with a small element of standard measurement applied to the availability pages for the US stores only.

    We don’t know how many units each individual store had to sell. So whatever they say as to availability to the black or white 16 GB supply at the end of the business day from the last night at closing time is the only thing comparable (along with the 32 GB models) with what they reported the night before. A sliver of information only. “We are out of white color 16 GB units at closing.” or “We are not out of stock”.

    We will only really know at the quarterly reporting announcements. But all informal indicators show supply has not caught up to demand. It is nothing like the IMEI/manufacturing date counting of the iPhone original but we don’t have that now and we can’t stand at all 211 stores front doors looking at the cash register without being moved on by security guards at some point. And if I do much more counting from these nightly web pages I am going to the loony bin.

    The indicators on the availability pages can change for each store during the day and I saw when a store was out of all models with red boxes go all green with the arrival of shipment during the middle of their business day. By the end of the day they were reporting red in some units again. Maybe some script wizard can do an hourly collage that show the changes on a wall of monitors as they change?

    Graham K. Rogers writing and podcasting from Thailand pointed out something similar to Donovan’s point in examining Taiwan’s launch. The release of the iPhone 3GS on 28 August will be contained to certain stores and unfortunately not his side of the river in Bangkok and the carrier store he frequents. http://www.extensions.in.th/ The Taiwan carrier will call the pre-booked customers over the first 5 days and then only sell to the general public if supplies allow it.

    There appears to be a shortage worldwide with all the anecdotal evidence. Maybe just not as chronic in appearance in the US at its launch because it is now spread over more countries that news travels via other languages and paths if at all. It will be interesting to see what is reported in October by Apple and if supply has caught up to demand before the Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping season is upon us and the game of keeping enough units in stock is a consistent problem to overcome in the product is as hot at the iPhone 3GS (and more ATT contracts will allow upgrading without penalties by then).

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    Posted: 28 August 2009 07:42 AM #12

    T-Mobile in Germany has now 4 weeks official waiting time and some reports suggest it is already 6 weeks. T-Mobile will also stop their upgrade offer until the 3GS availability improves again. Probably their preorder was much too small and now they cannot get much more from Apple.

    Since 3 weeks I am on a waiting list for an upgrade of my first gen iPhone and now I fear that it will take much longer than the 2 weeks I have been told originally.  :-(

    But from my shareholder stand point this sounds like good news! LOL

  • Posted: 28 August 2009 11:01 AM #13

    The iPhone availability on Thursday across the board was significantly higher than on Wednesday…...significantly more red squares on Wed.  Which makes sense as I assume they want their apples stores stocked adequately for the rush to the stores for Snow Leopard…..and they usually try to stock up before weekends anyway.

    Link is more anecdotal evidence regarding another country’s launch.


  • Posted: 31 August 2009 10:08 AM #14

    The 4 day run numbers are in, representing Thursday through Sunday close, for the weekend close.

    Unavailability of 16 GB in US stores
    of either black or white = 59%
    Unavailability of 32 GB in US stores
    of either black or white = 52%


    32 GB

    One part of the story is not included. My observation: re-stocks occurred on Friday and Saturday in certain stores/states and the overall unavailability numbers still increased. They just are selling them soon after they get them in certain stores.

    Time for somebody else to count the little red or green boxes. I am going cross-eyed. wink

  • Posted: 02 September 2009 10:53 AM #15

    fscklog is reporting today, that T-mobile in Gemany has upped the wait for the black 16GB 3GS to 7 weeks.

    In Switzerland a client waiting for 9 weeks, was told by Swisscom that they have not recieved any new iPhones for the last 5 weeks. fscklog.com also reports that the overall situation in Europe is similar.

    The comments to the report mention the difference between existing and new customers. New customers are served immediately, whereas customers who want to change from 3G to 3GS have to prepare for a long wait.