2nd Generation Shuffle Still Available

  • Posted: 17 August 2009 03:41 AM

    I went shopping at Target this weekend for a new iPod shuffle but I eventually ordered it through the Apple online store.

    What I found surprising was the 2nd generation shuffle was still available at both Target and the Apple online store. I found that odd, but I assume it fills a market for an inexpensive digital music player and from reading comments some people are just not happy with having some of the 3rd generation’s controls on the earbud cord.

    But what I found surprising on the Target Web site tonight are “pre-owned” 2nd generation iPod shuffles being sold for $36.99. I didn’t expect to see a market for pre-owned 2nd Generation shuffles. I’m wondering where the inventory is coming. I’m assuming its refurbished product.

    Anyone else find this a bit odd?

  • Posted: 17 August 2009 09:51 AM #1

    Last time I looked (few weeks ago) Amazon was still selling the first gen iPod Touch (new). As long as there is demand at various price points, there is a market, even for “out of date” products. Eventually they will become collectibles, then antiques, and will sell for more than the latest version.

  • Posted: 17 August 2009 11:47 AM #2

    I really like the latest shuffle. I use it with Apple in-ear headphones with those Comply foam tips. A quick squeeze on the microphone tells me what’s playing if I don’t recognise it.

  • Posted: 17 August 2009 01:42 PM #3

    I ordered the shuffle to lessen the battery-burning burden I’ve been placing on my 3GS and its small size will fit neatly in a shirt pocket.

    What’s interesting is outside of my iPhone I haven’t personally owned or used an iPod in years. I’ve enjoyed the 3GS so much it prompted me to buy a shuffle.