When Are You Upgrading to Snow Leopard?

Poll: When do you plan to upgrade to Snow Leopard?
Total Votes: 82
On Friday as soon as I can get my hands on the disc.
I’m waiting for a few days to see if there are any problems.
No way. I can’t risk breaking any of my apps.
I’ll wait a few weeks before upgrading.
I’ll get Snow Leopard when I buy my next Mac.
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    Posted: 29 August 2009 06:54 PM #31

    What I mean by ‘maybe, maybe not’ is the legal enforeability of the EULA, which to my knowledge is not legally enforceable in Canada, and which has only officially been validated in the 7th & 8th Circuit Courts in the USA, but has otherwise been seen in court cases as an unenforceable contract of adhesion.

    Whether Mossberg was wrong or right, I think we can see that just as Apple previously included machine-specific OS versions (so you couldn’t use an Intel Mac OS disk on a G5 machine), they could have similarly and easily introduced install restrictions on the SL disks. However, they made a decision to not restrict installs - hmmm.

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    Posted: 29 August 2009 08:09 PM #32

    Not sure why you think that the EULA is not legally enforceable in Canada.


    In any event, Mossberg, writing for a US publication, would be suggesting violating a EULA in the US (and EULAs have NOT been declared unenforceable in the US. There is case law that supports both camps, and is one of the pivotal arguments in the Psystar case).

    Obviously you can choose to do whatever you wish.

  • Posted: 31 August 2009 02:43 AM #33

    So far I’ve upgraded a white Intel iMac and MacBook at work, and my current-model Mac mini at home. I’ve noticed a few minor glitches, but no showstoppers. And as always the few initial kinks will be ironed out when a 10.6.1 update is released. It’s off to a pretty solid start, especially considering how much has changed under the hood with new APIs, Cocoa Finder, etc.