What’s so special about the 3GS?

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    Posted: 01 September 2009 11:59 AM #16

    pats - 28 August 2009 03:11 PM

    Here is most of the data but the scales don’t exactly match and 3rd Qtr 09 for Iphone is missing.  The Iphone rate of initial growth is impressive and ahead of the Ipod.

    Fiscal Year   Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   Total
    2002   125,000[1]  57,000[2]  54,000[3]  140,000[4]  376,000
    2003   219,000[5]  78,000[6]  304,000[3]  336,000[7]  937,000
    2004   733,000[5]  807,000[8]  860,000[9]  2,016,000[10]  4,416,000
    2005   4,580,000[11]  5,311,000[12]  6,155,000[13]  6,451,000[14]  22,497,000
    2006   14,043,000[15]  8,526,000[16]  8,111,000[17]  8,729,000[18]  39,409,000
    2007   21,066,000[19]  10,549,000[20]  9,815,000[21]  10,200,000[22]  51,630,000
    2008   22,121,000[23]  10,644,000[24]  11,011,000[25]  11,052,000[26]  54,828,000
    2009   22,727,000[27]  11,013,000[28]  10,215,000[29]      43,955,000
    Fiscal Year   Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   218,048,000

    These are amazing charts.  Thanx for posting them. 

    A couple of things stand out for me.  Between 2005 and and of 2008 iPods exploded due to four factors.  Improved capacity, larger distribution, decreased prices, a growing economy.  The increase in Apple Store also helped.

    So if we were to fast forward and allow the iPhone to be impacted by the same factors, I see 2010 to 2013 as the explosive growth of the iPhone.

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    Posted: 01 September 2009 12:39 PM #17

    My recent decision to buy 2 of them and move from Sprint went like this…

    1. The iPhone is more than adequate now, with the 3GS and iPhone OS 3. The camera is stunning or outdoor photos now.

    2. I’ve been dependent on my iPod Touch for almost a year. It’s only the second handheld I’ve had going back through a bunch of PalmOS devices that I had to take everywhere with me. The first was a Qualcomm phone—the first Palm phone way back in 98 or 99.

    3. A new AT&T family plan with 2 iPhones was comparable in monthly price to the Sprint family plan I had—AT&T had double the minutes and unlimited messaging.

    4. The iPod features generally work with all the accessories I currently have (a few iPod speakers, Alpine car stereo, etc.). Some don’t power the iPhone when plugged in, some claim to possibly interfere with phone, etc.

    5. Reduces number of devices I bring to gym or walking.

    So the timing was finally right, and the negatives of AT&T and the paternalistic App Store were trumped by the positives of the device.

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    Posted: 01 September 2009 03:17 PM #18

    I don’t have an iPhone, yet. I was definitely of the ‘one device for one purpose’ philosophy. I have an iPod, I have a digital camera. My existing phone is..a phone. No camera, no voicemail, no web, nothing. My only exposure to living with a smart phone was when work gave me a several year old Blackberry POS that I really hate. I looked at earlier iPhones and, meh. They were nice but they didn’t do it for me.

    Recently, I have been looking at the 3GS and I’m impressed. It’s fast, the screen is larger and SHARPER than my BB. I love the gestures functions like zooming the screen. the features I’ve been reading about seem like they will be pretty handy. I think I will be getting one this fall. Though the 3G or 3GS question is not that hard for me. We’re starting to see apps that require GS to run. There’s no point in skimping on the unit when within a couple of years I’ll need GS to run the apps I want.


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    geoduck - 01 September 2009 06:17 PM

    There’s no point in skimping on the unit when within a couple of years I’ll need GS to run the apps I want.

    That’s point. A two-year contract is a long time at a time when technology changes so quickly. I enjoy my 3GS very much and I think it’s worth the additional $100.