10.6: Erase/install ... then manually reimport databases. (Ugh!)

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    Posted: 28 August 2009 09:03 PM

    I’m running 10.4 on my 2.8GHz 24” iMac. It’s got a lot of cruft on it, as when I bought it 2 years ago I sucked in my old Powermac G4’s files from 10.2 (which itself sucked in all my old System 7 files from my old Duo 230). Not only cruft, but there’s a bit of file corruption in that TextEdit and Safari sometimes types characters backwards(!) and Calculator won’t return answers for any calculations.

    Too much wackiness to try to fix (I’ve actually beeen living with these problemns for over 5 months). Anyway, I ordered 10.6 from Apple and plan to update my SuperDuper bootable clone, then pop in the 10.6 disk and nuke my internal drive from orbit and install. Because I don’t want to infect the shiny new OS with old garbage I think I ought to manually reinstall all my apps/databases from the backup. But I realized I have a LOT of discrete little databases & settings-files I need to work with, and I don’t want to screw it up.

    Here are all the apps I think I need to manually migrate to 10.6:


    # Address Book


    # iCal


    # Keychain


    # 1Password


    # Stickies (actually I probably could copy/paste into DevonNote)


    # DevonNote


    # Mail


    # iPhoto library, settings
      copy ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/*  ?
      copy iPhoto preferences are located in ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iPhoto.plist ?


    # Aperture library


    # iTunes library, settings (all music currently in my music folder)
      Deauthorize account before wiping drive + SL install?
      How best to move all music w/ ratings wtc intact?

    (11a, 11b, 11c)

    # Safari Settings, bookmarks, history
    # Firefox settings, bookmarks, history
    # BookIt bookmarks
        * * * * *

    If you guys can help me out with figuring out what needs to be copied from where I’d be happy to send a donation to a Paypal tipjar if you have one, or else I’ll make a donation to the nonprofit of your choice. If you think there’s a better way than a fresh install and manually copying over these apps/databases Please Let Me Know.  Thanks!. smile

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    Posted: 31 August 2009 10:00 AM #1

    (1), (2) For iCal and Address Book - you should be able to export / backup all the entries from the File menu and then restore them into the Snow Leopard versions.

    (4) 1Password version 3 will work under Snow Leopard - you may have to migrate to the Agile Keychain instead of using the Mac OS X Keychain. I use that with DropBox to automagically sync my 1Password data between my Macs.

    (8) iPhoto: Looks like that’s all you need to do to move the files and prefs.

    (9) Aperture Library - this should be in your Documents directory. Check from Aperture > Preferences > General tab to get the exact location. I found a link to where Aperture stores its preferences:

    Restoring Back to Aperture’s Default Preferences


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