Excluding backup disk from TM in 10.6?

  • Posted: 06 September 2009 02:57 AM

    In 10.5, my Time Machine backup disk was always automatically in the excluded list for Time Machine. I just installed 10.6 and now it does not appear in the excluded list and I can’t figure out how to add it. Should I be worried about this? I certainly don’t want to end up with recursive backups of backups!

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    Posted: 06 September 2009 06:38 AM #1

    Hey Clay,

    You should be able to go into Time Machine Prefs -> Options, and then click the + button and choose the disk in question to add it to your exclude list.

    That said, I do not personally know if Time Machine in 10.6 is just smart enough on its own to ignore itself, and thus not include it in the list.

    Anyone have anything on that?


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  • Posted: 06 September 2009 12:20 PM #2

    Hi Bryan. Love the ACM show!

    Yeah, this is confusing me. Are you running 10.6? Is your Time Machine backup in your excluded list?

    Any one else?