Steve Job’s Games Conversion

  • Posted: 10 September 2009 07:02 AM

    It wasn’t that long ago that games were almost totally ignored by Steve Jobs.  In November, 2007, I wrote on this board as my number 1 Apple missed opportunity the following:

    1.  Games.  If Steve Jobs had even the slightest interest in computer games, there would be much more in the way of games not only for the Mac but also the iPod/iPhone.  Games are a huge driver of purchases for large segments of the target market, and a moderate driver for ever a wider audience.


    With today’s keynote and subsequent interview with David Pogue, Jobs has clearly been totally converted, in less than two years.  If I wanted to look backwards, I could criticize Jobs for his blindspot on games for a number of years, but instead I’ll just look forward and marvel on how, when Steve puts his mind to it, he is a very formidable force. 

    Like he has done in so many other market segments, he wins by reinventing the category.  Forget trying to compete directly with Gamestop.  Instead he just overwhelms it with the App Store.  He turns a lack of directional controls into a positive with touch controls.

    Anyone on AFB think he’ll stop now?  You ain’t seen nothin yet.  Apple TV becomes a console gaming platform in the next 18 months or I’ll eat my hat.

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    Posted: 10 September 2009 11:47 AM #1

    macorange:  I agree completely.  Apple differentiated the iPod Touch and iPod Nano substantially—so that many people will want to have both.  My 12 year-old nephew has the Touch, and plays games constantly on it, and I could see him wanting the Nano for its video camera and smaller form factor for when he’s out-and-about.