Growing evidence of the OS X Touch interface

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    Posted: 10 September 2009 06:29 PM

    Mercel’s post yesterday reminded me that I’ve been finding little bits of evidence regarding Apple integrating an all-touch interface for their Tablet platform, which I believe will be full OSX.  This is Apple’s way of getting users used to a new intuitive UI on the desktop, which then allows them to make a seamless transition to whatever the Tablet UI may be.

    Mercel - 10 September 2009 12:31 AM

    The iTunes Store update will rank at the top for me:  Apple fixed what was previously a mess.  And in case it escaped notice, the new menu interface has Tablet written all over it.  Previously, the small, crowded selections would have been impossible with a touch-screen.  Now, the larger, more visual nature of surfing the store clearly (to me) say it’s the Trojan Horse for the Tablet.

    For me, I had the same thoughts when seeing the new Stacks interface in Snow Leopard.  Big, colorful icons displayed in a scrolling 4-line grid, with the ability to drill down into folders without leaving a stack… THIS has Tablet written all over it.  Who knows, maybe the whole Tablet finder will be based around similar “stack-like” navigation.

    I also get the same feeling using iPhoto with the Events and Faces features, which are big, obvious icons.

    This synergy and attention to detail is what keeps me confident as an AAPL long.  What other “evidence” have you found that paves the way for the Tablet?

  • Posted: 10 September 2009 06:42 PM #1

    The following link shows a picture of a touchscreen keyboard in Snow Leopard:

    Much like your picture of the stacks, very compelling evidence, I think.

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    Posted: 10 September 2009 06:57 PM #2

    Looks like Cult of Mac already has an identical discussion going… I take that as even more evidence that a Tablet is just around the corner.

    I forgot about the onscreen keyboard and Expose in the Dock.  Thanks for adding those.

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    Posted: 10 September 2009 07:10 PM #3

    With the iTouch at 8, 32 and 64, price cuts across the board, leaves room for an iTouch 16 with camera, and iTablet 16 with camera/full OS X at the vacant price points.  When I have a reliable connection and a little more time, I’ll plot out all the models/prices to verify my gut. Apple will probably release just one size of the iTablet to gauge the market, then roll out a larger capacity.  But yes, I agree - when they released cover flow for the Finder it became obvious they were retooling the classic interface for touch. More and more elements have been going there since that first salvo.


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    Posted: 10 September 2009 09:03 PM #4

    I think as the current interface demonstrates, Apple has the best pocket data consumption devices, the question in my mind is can you create a data creation device which fits in your pocket?  I have yet to see a device which meets this requirement.
    If not in the pocket then the coffee table device will have different features.  I look forward to SJ solving the conundrum.  I can say for sure if the device is highly mobile and highly functional for data input, then Apple will sell a ton.  As we look out to 2010 and look at the features they can stuff in a Ipod Nano, I’m excited. grin

  • Posted: 10 September 2009 09:13 PM #5

    Well a Nano video could be seen as data.

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    Posted: 10 September 2009 09:26 PM #6

    danthemason - 11 September 2009 12:13 AM

    Well a Nano video could be seen as data.

    I agree.  People want to create not just digest.  The Nano will sell because it allows people to show their creations.  Now we need to replace the typewriter.  My sister was complaining that she got a typewriter for Christmas in high school.  My sons are fighting to get on the computer for their homework and the school will confiscate their Ipod if they show it in class.  The day when they pull out a Ipod touch in HS vs the TI 84 to do algebra and no one blinks an eye means we have saturated the market.  Until then I’m long Apple :wink:

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    Posted: 11 September 2009 12:13 PM #7

    pats - 11 September 2009 12:26 AM

    The day when they pull out a Ipod touch in HS vs the TI 84 to do algebra and no one blinks an eye means we have saturated the market.  Until then I’m long Apple :wink:

    Think how much better the graphing calculator apps must be compared to all those overpriced TI models!  I haven’t looked, but I’m sure there are already pretty impressive apps just for this purpose.  You can get a Touch for $199 (older/refurbished for $100), which is the same price I paid for my TI-83 10-15 years ago!  There is no competition.  I’m excited to see the education market flourish with Apple Tablets.  We’re still waiting to see what “Apple University” is all about…remember that??

  • Posted: 12 September 2009 04:58 AM #8

    As a recent high school grad with an iPod touch, a TI-84 and a TI-89 (talk about lucky circumstances!) I can tell you that my favorite for simple graphing was te touch because it’s processor is about 10 uptillion times faster than eithe of the ti’s and Multitouch makes manipulating graphs almost fun. (almost!) however the ti-84 has much simpler/better implementation of statistics functions and the ti-89 can practically do calculus for you. I haven’t found any calculus equation solving apps for the iPhone. Also there is somethig o e said for the dedicated buttons or all kinds of common math functions, as well as the large amount of space to put them all in compared to the iPhone. 

    Sorry or all the horribly typing, I’m on my iPhone right now.


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