iPhone To Remain Exclusively With AT&T?

  • Posted: 13 September 2009 08:45 PM

    AT&T to maintain exclusive US distribution?

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.

  • Posted: 08 October 2009 02:10 AM #1

    I’m bringing this topic back to the top because I think it’s plausible for Apple to extend its domestic AT&T contract (if even for a little while) following this contract’s expiration.

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    Posted: 08 October 2009 02:50 AM #2

    Apple and AT&T do have a pretty good arrangement. Both sides benefit from the deal, IMO. The iPhone remains a 100% Apple (not AT&T) product, whilst AT&T gets the business benefit of being the exclusive carrier for one of the most popular smartphones ever.

    That being said, competition isn’t a bad thing. If competing for iPhone business means improving service quality, then so be it. :-D

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    Posted: 19 October 2009 06:07 AM #3

    Well, until Verizon or Sprint changes its system, they won’t get the iPhone. There is no way that Apple will make a CDMA iPhone. For one thing, as I understand it, their systems can’t handle data and voice at the same time. That has surprised some Pre owners, who thought that they could look up something on the web while on a call, as iPhone users have been able to do from the beginning. Plus, few carriers outside the US use CDMA. I believe that Verizon & Sprint are working on new systems, but they’re a while off.