iPhone 3GS missed August launch

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    Posted: 21 September 2009 09:02 PM

    Update: looks like many of the August 09 countries did not get the iPhone 3GS as well (India and others). My guess is Apple is saving the stock for the Chinese market :(

    Does anyone know if the iPhone was known to cause “interferences” with other mobile devices? According to an employee at the iPhone provider in Saudi Arabia, Mobily, the iPhone 3G (released in late Feb 2009) antenna was interfering with other phones. They said that Apple didn’t fix it with the 3GS so they can’t release it.
    Did anyone else heard of something similar? Did any other carrier say anything about the iPhone antenna causing interference?

    Another employee claimed that Mobily didn’t meet expected sales (their own fault, they are hurting the iPhone 3G with their ignorance).

    What’s really weird is all of the countries listed here

    got their iPhone 3GS in August. Only exceptions are: Saudi Arabia (Mobily), UAE (Etisalat) and Jordan (Orange). I am trying the feedback form, but, does anyone have any idea on why are these countries missing?


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