Baffled By Home Sharing Not Working

  • Posted: 17 March 2011 02:01 PM #16

    Yeah, I would also make sure the computers themselves have different names as well as the iTunes sharing names…

  • Posted: 20 March 2011 01:06 AM #17

    Ha ha ha…

    Changed the computer names and.. drum roll.. no difference! Neither Home Sharing nor iTunes Sharing will work between these two Mac Minis! They are incorrigible!

    Oh well.. thanks so much to all of you for your suggestions.

    Think I’ll move on now to something easier to solve, like world hunger. ; )

  • Posted: 08 April 2011 08:20 PM #18


    Not sure if this will help, however I had exactly the same issue. Right down to a PPC machine, and an Intel laptop.

    Same problem, sharing will work but home share would not.

    I changed the name Library name in iTunes, on both machines, and… it all just started to work.

    If that does not happen. Try and stop Home sharing, change the Library names, and restart home networking.


  • Posted: 11 April 2011 11:21 AM #19

    Thanks, Rob.

    Well, I tried again what you suggest, turning off and then back on Home Sharing, with the computers with new library names and new computer names and, sadly, the result is the same: no Home Sharing.

    As I have said, Home Sharing to my 4th gen iPod Touch works fabulously, with both Mac Minis showing up, and streaming fine. So.. the mystery continues.

    We will see what happens next. I am preparing to upgrade the Intel Mac Mini to Snow Leopard and will probably do that tonight. It will be interesting to see if that has any effect on the situation concerning the Intel Mac Mini. Of course, it won’t do anything for the PowerPC Mac Mini and it’s reason for not Home Sharing.

    Oh well.. it’s cool to learn stuff.

    Thanks, again, for your suggestion. I am sure that it would have worked if we were dealing with a different pair of Mac Minis. These two are incurable recalcitrants.

    Hope you are having a great day.

    Thanks, again.


  • Posted: 04 June 2011 06:45 AM #20

    I think I might have a solution to this one…
    I had a similar problem trying to get my apple TV to access my PC.
    The problem, I think, revolves around activating home sharing in itunes. You said “when i click on “done” the home share icon dissapears”. I noticed the same thing and solved the problem by not clicking on “done”. You can still use itunes as normal and the house icon stays visible. While it is visible my system works. The only problem with this is that every time you turn itunes on, you have to disble home sharing and then activate it again.
    Hope this helps.

  • Posted: 13 July 2011 09:58 PM #21


    Thank you so much for your suggestion.

    I did as you instructed, and.. no.. it.. still.. doesn’t work. *sigh* It was a good suggestion. What happens is the icons stay, as you said, but the library on the other machine, remains unlisted, so they still can’t access each other. They are simply not in the sharing mood, I guess.

    I am so so sorry about my very recalcitrant pair of Mac Minis. They really do insist on folding their virtual arms and having nothing whatever to do with each other concerning Home Sharing.

    They both love my iPod Touch, completely willing to share their entire libraries with it, no problem! *sigh again*

    Oh well..

    Thanks, again.

    Oh..before I go.  Just downloaded another great weather app on my iPod Touch. I have several. I am ALWAYS outside and with this farm, always need to know, well in advance, what the weather will bring. Check out: NOAA Weather Radio for iPhone, iPod Touch. There is an iPad version. Very cool. I have push enabled. Thing is very helpful. That and the fact I have my cable modem and router on a UPS, even if the power goes out during really bad weather, I have access to weather bulletins and NOAA radar. (the UPS battery lasts about five hours. Power is rarely off that long.) Of course, for those with iPhones… *sighing, again.*


  • Posted: 21 August 2011 03:16 AM #22

    Okay.. so sorry to resurrect this thread, but.. I just thought.. maybe.. this would be of some interest to some of you.

    When we last left our heroes, Bad Steve and Good Steve could NEVER get their “Home Sharing” act together.

    After some trials and tribulations concerning Bad Steve and it’s brush with file icons on boot up, SMC resets, PRAM resets, and the mysterious death and resurrection of Bad Steve’s internal optical drive (see “can not eject disc in superdrive” thread) (perfectly understandable if you refuse to) (I don’t want to go there, either) I bought a new Mac Mini.

    Now.. it was not my intention to name my new Mac Mini (mid-2011) (yeah.. the one with the better graphics card) “New Steve.” In fact, I had planned to be more imaginative than this but.. my best friend named it that and.. well.. it stuck. Reminds me of the story about my dog and my mom and… oh.. sorry..

    So.. here’s the thing: Bad Steve runs and boots fine, right now, but from the moment I started it up in the same room with New Steve, Bad Steve can’t get online for nothing. Wifi keeps cutting in and out.. making for some really troubling attempts at surfing or downloading Mail. On a whim, during one of Bad Steve’s more lucid moments, I opened iTunes and found that New Steve shows Bad Steve in Home Sharing, but, as usual, Bad Steve does not see New Steve, at all. *sigh*

    Good Steve had gone to go live with the LCD TV and seemed happy there, but I really can’t have this Bad Steve messing up and not being able to get online. So.. Good Steve moved back to it’s old spot and monitor and is up and running. Good Steve has no trouble getting online and, shockingly, no problem Home Sharing with New Steve. They *like* each other fine.


    Damn you, Bad Steve!

    New Steve is running Lion, naturally, but I boldly went where only fools tread in that, after all the travails of Bad Steve, I migrated everything to New Steve using Bad Steve’s Time Machine backup. Yeah.. I know.. but, I thought, why not? I have migrated from machine to machine to machine, with out ever doing a clean install, and everything always worked fine. I thought this until neither Bad Steve or Good Steve would iTunes Home Share with each other. I had thought it possible that this migrating thing was the reason they would not “talk.” Some weird plist thing or something that they had in common. Ah.. but’s not that, as Good Steve and New Steve can iTunes Home Share, just fine.

    I guess I will never know what in the world could be Bad Steve’s problem, concerning Home Sharing.

    I know that there is a SMC firmware update from Apple for mid-2007 Mac Minis such as Bad Steve. I have been a bit afraid to download it and update it, as my belief is that Bad Steve has an intermittent electrical problem with it’s SMC Logic board components. It won’t like.. blow up or anything, would it, if I update the firmware? ; )

    So.. what have I learned? A lot! Nothing I could use that solved this original problem, but learned a lot of good and useful stuff! Learned some things that even came in a handy when friends and family have asked me to help them with a problem with their Macs. It’s all to the good.

    Have a great day!

    And, thanks for being patient with me. -Charlotte

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  • Posted: 10 September 2011 09:04 PM #23


    I’m bring this thread up again because I think I found solved the problem and this was one of the first links on Google.

    Try turning off Music Sharing by going to iTunes > Preferences -> Sharing -> Share my library

    And make sure Home Sharing is on by going to Advanced > Turn on Home Sharing

    This solved it for me, hope it helps for someone else.

  • Posted: 13 September 2011 03:19 PM #24


    Thank you so much for your suggestion. You are right in that this was one permutation, that I had not tried.

    Alas, as much as I wanted you to have total victory in solving this problem between my two ridiculous Mac Minis, it was not to be!

    I did exactly as you suggest and.. still neither Good Steve nor Bad Steve show up under each other’s “Shared.” Home Sharing between them just will not work. So, turning off iTunes Sharing changed nothing. Sorry…

    As a test, I have New Steve running, with iTunes up, and it shows up on the Shared lists on both Good Steve’s and Bad Steve’s iTunes, so I KNOW Home Sharing is working fine.

    What the deal is between Good Steve and Bad Steve remains BAFFLING! Ha ha ha…

    Bad Steve is now at the LCD TV and since it can Home Share with main machine, New Steve, who really cares anyway, now.

    Interesting thing is there is a conflict between Bad Steve’s 802.11g wifi and New Steve’s 802.11n wifi so the two machines can not be any closer than five feet from each other, or Bad Steve loses it’s wifi connection repeatedly. Weird, huh?

    I tend to start up the computers at the same time to see which one finishes loading the fastest. Sort of use this as a health test. I know.. weird, again.. huh? Anyhow, Good Steve, the ancient 2005 PPC 1.25GHz, 1GB RAM Mac Mini, beat starting up New Steve, the 2011 Intel Core i5 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM Mac Mini the other day! It was just seconds but.. there you are! I blame the Bluetooth Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse and the loading of Magic Prefs for slowing down New Steve’s start up.

    Maybe, but I tell you no lie when I say that Good Steve runs 10.5.8 Leopard like it was made for it!

    You realize that Good Steve came with 10.3.7 Panther installed, long, long time ago.

    Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!


  • Posted: 26 September 2011 11:35 PM #25

    I am being baffled by the exact situation I think…  I am not a MAC owner…  I found this board from a Google search.  I am running an HP AMD Dual Core PC & an Acer Netbook.  I also have an iPod Touch 4. I am running a home network with a Netgear Router.  The PC’s are connected via the router and talking to each other seamlessly, even using Windows 7’s Homegroup to share all the libraries on the PCs… I am running iTunes - the latest updates installed.

    I have authorized both computers in iTunes.  I have turned on Home Sharing on both computers.  I am able to access via Home Sharing on my iPod Touch 4 and am able to stream from my libraries in iTunes.

    Just like you have mentioned, when I activate Home Sharing, I get the “Shared” with “Home Sharing” listed on the left panel. I get the instruction that says to, “Use the same account, “” when turning on Home Sharing for your other computers. They will appear below Shared in the iTunes window. Home Sharing is for personal use.”  When I click “Done” the “Shared” in the left panel disappears.  This happens on both computers. 

    I am at a loss to what the heck is going on… and it looks like you are as well.  It just doesn’t make any sense.

    Does anybody have any new ideas?

    Eric, Bremerton, WA

  • Posted: 27 September 2011 12:23 AM #26

    Ok, I figured it out from another forum…

    I just posted this for a similar thread and thought I’d add it here for those that were not just having Bonjour issues. I tried repairing and reinstalling Bonjour with no luck and then went back to basics.

    In iTunes 9 I had Home Sharing working then I upgraded to iTunes 10 and it didn’t work. I’m home sharing between a Mac and a Windows 7 laptop, below is what worked for me to get it working again:

    1) In the iTunes > Advanced menu “Turn Off Home Sharing” in each iTunes. (I closed both iTunes down and then reopened them, but you probably don’t have to.)

    2) Then in the Preferences > Sharing Tab in both iTunes I unchecked “Share my library on my local network”. (There is a difference between sharing locally via preferences menu and home sharing via advanced menu, sharing locally allows streaming from your library of whatever you choose to share and Home Sharing is full or at least a lot more access and options)

    3) Again I shut down both iTunes and then opened them back up. I then went to the Advanced menu and selected “Turn On Home Sharing” which brought up the home sharing screen in iTunes asking me to login with my iTunes account then I did the same in the Windows iTunes and again I was prompted to login. (I logged in with the same account on both, and had already authorized each computer)

    Presto, I could now see both libraries with the little music house and could do all the great home sharing things.

    One other note, on my Windows laptop that has McAffee Security Center I had to not only open TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353 but I had to open them to All PCs, not just PCs in my home or local network. Even though both laptops are on the same home network I think it has something to do with the use of Bonjour for home sharing and my Mac’s Bonjour IP Address is not an IP in my home network range. (I was playing with Bonjour Browser and noticed this) I’m not really sure, I just know this was the only way I could ever see my Windows iTunes library in my Mac’s iTunes.

    I hope that helps.

    Eric, Bremerton, WA

  • Posted: 29 September 2011 01:15 AM #27

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Glad, too, that you solved your Home Sharing problem. That’s excellent!

    Yeah, that is what I found. That getting Home Sharing to work just took fiddling with the preferences, disabling and enabling Home Sharing a time or two, and opening and closing iTunes, to reset things, etc.

    I’ve been able to get Home Sharing to work on just about everyone else’s Macs and networks, every time, no problem. It’s just my two Mac Minis, Good Steve and Bad Steve, that simply can not abide by each other enough to Home Share.

    Each will home share with just about *anything* else, that joins the network. It’s as if they are desperate to show me that they can do it. That they can Home Share with the best of them. It’s just that they will not under any circumstances lower themselves to share with each other.

    New Steve speeds right past the two older Mac Minis. sharing this and sharing that, with out a care!

    So.. it’s cool!


    Hope you have a super week!


  • Posted: 29 October 2011 02:30 AM #28

    I too was having the same problem. Here is what I found that got home sharing to work for me. I was trying to set it up for my Macbook Pro, iPhone, and Apple TV 2. For months I couldn’t get it to work. I just found a link telling me to check if my Bonjour was set up right. So I googled to see what Bonjour was. Basically here is what I got out of it. Go to the apple menu > system preferences > and under internet and wireless there is a sharing icon. When I clicked on that it showed me that I only had printer sharing checked. So I went through and checked everything I could. After that, I looked at my phone and I finally saw the little shared menu in the more tab for my music. So I walked out to my tv, turned on my apple tv, went to computers and OMG!! there was my computer finally on my apple tv! Maybe you have already tried this, but if not, give it a shot. It worked for me. smile

  • Posted: 08 November 2011 06:10 PM #29


    Thanks so much for your ideas concerning a solution to my very long running and “baffling” Home Sharing problem.

    I did as you suggested, even though I am fairly certain that I had gone down this path before. Unfortunately, Home Sharing between Good Steve and Bad Steve still will not work. Neither computer shows up in the others’ iTunes Shared list. Can you believe it? After all this?

    Again, the victory cup sits, un-awarded, gathering cobwebs on the shelf.

    At the moment, Bad Steve is playing Haydn Symphony no. 77, in B flat major, streaming via Home Sharing from New Steve’s iTunes, so it works great! Between those two Mac Minis.

    I thought about your Bonjour suggestion and had an idea. I tapped on “iNet” app on my iPod Touch and scanned my network to see what the app finds. The app shows that Bonjour services are working just fine on all three Mac Minis. Well, we knew that. Not a surprise. (Check out the iPod Touch screen shot that I have included with this post.)

    So.. what in the world could the problem be? *baffled expression*

    Thanks, again.

    Best wishes this season!


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  • Posted: 06 December 2011 04:20 AM #30

    I had just the same problem for ages!! Sharing between ethernet cable network and Wi-fi didn’t work at all. Today I took a look into my D-Link DIR-300 Router configuration, and tried deactivating “multicast streams” in Advanced - Advanced network, and VOILA!

    Now Home sharing between my iMac, my Apple TV (both connected through Ethernet), and my iPhone and iPad (Wifi) is working like a charm.

    I hope this works for all of you people.