Long term investor now getting nervous

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    Posted: 19 October 2009 11:10 PM #46

    omacvi - 20 October 2009 01:41 AM
    Downunder - 20 October 2009 01:18 AM

    OK everyone I am now not nervous after a fantastic earnings call.
    A big thanks to everyone for there input.

    It looks like I will be in for at least the next 4+ years…..

    4 years?  Try 10 or 15 years.  None of us saw the success of Apple 10 years ago.  I owned aapl in 1998 at $20 a share and like fool sold at $35.  That is when I only had $1500 to invest.  Since then I made a ton and lost of ton due to crazy economy and irrational market.

    The long trend is very positive with bumps along the way.  I still think we could see a correction that will put us below 200, but in the long run Apple is the best investment one can make.  Once I decrease more debt, I will once again take a 2nd on my house and invest in Apple.  I don’t like so much margin. :-D

    Not all of us on the board are traders some of us actually buy and hold Apple LOL I am sure some traders have done better, but I am happy holding Apple for the long term.

    Acquired   Quantity   Cost Basis per Share   Closing Mkt Value   Cost Basis   UnrealizedGain/Loss   Unrealized
    Gain/Loss %  Holding Period
    01/04/1999   400.0000   $10.47   $75,220.00   $4,189.95   $71,030.05   1,695.25%    Long
    04/09/1999   400.0000   $9.30   $75,220.00   $3,721.20   $71,498.80   1,921.39%    Long