Strange iMac Bootup Behavior due to USB Printer

  • Posted: 17 October 2009 12:21 PM

    I have an iMac running Leopard 10.5.8.  I have a HP Photosmart P7760 printer which works just fine.  The problem is that when I leave my printer plugged into my USB port it takes about 5 minutes to boot rather than the 1 minute when it is unplugged.  I also have delays when I am switching from one user account to another. 

    The consol shows the following for the case where the printer is plugged in:

    9:48:08 PM kernel   com_maxtorIOPowSec00::systePowerChange: unsupported power change e0034110
    9:48:08 PM kernal   com_maxtor_IOPoweSec00::systemPowerChange: unsupported power change 30034110
    9:52:07 PM /usr/libexe/hidd[43]  Timeout waiting for IOKit to be quiet
    9:52:07 PM /usr/libexe/hidd[43]  IOHIDEventQueueCreate: Unable to allocate queue memory from IOHIDSystem. (0x1000003)
    9:52:07 PM WindowServer[83]  IOHIDEventQueueCreate: Unable to allocate queue memory from IOHIDSystem. (0x10000003)
    9:52:07 PM WindowServer[83] Unable to create queue via hidd: (0xe0000wbd)
    9:52:11 PM loginwindow[39]  Login Window Started Security Agent.

    For now my work around to to plug my printer in only when I need it.  That is a pain.

    I did work with AppleCare to reload the printer driver from my Leopard disk.  The HP website does not have an OS X for this printer since it is 4 years old.

    Any thoughts would be sincerely appreciate.

    Rainer Otto

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    Posted: 18 October 2009 02:04 PM #1

    This is a relatively gut feeling answer but my guess is that the references to maxtor are to do with a USB External hard disk and when you have the printer plugged in (maybe via a keyboard) there is not enough power from the usb ports for both devices. This causes problems with the hard disk being detected and causes the computer to stall until it times out. I would try looking at how you have devices plugged in to the iMac, avoid going through the keyboard for power hungry devices like HDD’s and maybe consider / try using a powered USB hub.

  • Posted: 18 October 2009 09:50 PM #2

    The HP printer is plugged into a powered hub, i.e. VAKOSS USB 2.0 hub.  I seem to remember that it has the same behavior if the printer is plugged into the back of the iMac.

  • Posted: 23 October 2009 12:50 AM #3

    I have tried two options: 1) my HP printer plugged into my powered USB hub by itself and 2) my HP printer plugged directly into the back of my iMac.  Both exhibit the symptoms as described in my original post.  As I boot my iMac if I unplug the USB cable to my printer the screen goes from solid white to the screen with the Apple logo. 

    So my theory is that there some sort of polling of the USB port going on which continues until a timeout occurs after 4 minutes.

    Any ideas?

  • Posted: 23 October 2009 06:53 PM #4

    I failed to mention that my keyboard and mouse are both bluetooth connected to my iMac.  Thus I conducted my test with only one USB device connected, i.e. my HP Printer.

    - Rainer