Life Lessons From Baseball

  • Posted: 28 October 2009 06:47 AM

    This little league season my nine year old grandson got an opportunity to be a pitcher. At that age they are only allowed limited time on the mound; no more than two innings in a game. His skill levels in fielding throwing and hitting are among the best in his group so I thought pitching would come easy. When I first saw him pitching his motion seemed halting and forced much like someone throwing at the bottles at a carnival.

    After the game I did my grandfatherly duty and tried to explain what I saw and offer some help. He understood the idea of a smooth delivery and over the next few days went about trying different styles with his father. I left him with an analogy to a video game. I explained that each time he takes the mound the best score he can achieve is 9. That is, striking out the opposing side in 9 pitches. So it is with unrestrained pride that I tell you that four days later my grandson called me and said that he had done it. He struck out the side throwing only 9 pitches. Some days you get lemonade.