Tablet - OSX or iPhone OS?

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    rezonate - 12 November 2009 01:45 PM
    eniac - 11 November 2009 08:45 AM

    I think we may see the tablet introduced with the next generation of a cloud-based iWork (and maybe iLife) suite, which will handle files in the browser.

    I think so too. Apple is tracking right along with my ‘predictions’ from October. Well, they didn’t have a special event for AppleTV 3.0 and iPod Touch with camera. There are rumours still about a CamTouch prior to December, but the days are waning.  I’d be very happy if the cloud/tablet initiative was announced in Jan instead of CES in Feb.

    A lot of people would be glad especially attendees at CES. Gives them something interesting to talk about grin

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    This caught my eye. 

      Tablet Pen Support Patent

    A proximity system either in the tablet or the pen could be key to the system as it would recognize when the pen has been lifted from the surface to move on to the next word. The system would underpin every app on the tablet platform and remove the burden from apps of having to intercept and decipher pen strokes themselves.

    ?Kionix?s newest product, the KXTF9 accelerometer, features an
    embedded solution, the Directional Tap/Double-TapTM, the only innovation of its kind on
    the market today,? said Foust.  An algorithm embedded into the ASIC allows user access
    to 12 tap-enabled, application-specified functions.  A quick tap or double-tap on any of
    the six faces defined by the X, Y, and Z axes will activate functionality with
    programmable feel and sensitivity.

    San Jose, CA, September 9, 2009 - Atmel? Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), announced today the production release of its new maXTouch? family of capacitive touchscreen controller solutions, capable of supporting an unlimited number of unique simultaneous touches with a video-quality screen refresh rate of 250 Hz. Atmel’s new maXTouch technology platform supports the development of touchscreens surpassing 10 inches with full zoom, rotate, handwriting and shape recognition functionality. In addition, this new touchscreen solution features Atmel’s patented charge transfer technology which enhances the traditional mutual and self-capacitance solutions, now effectively tripling the industry’s highest performance touchscreen solutions.
    The mXT224 is the first capacitive touchscreen solution able to support not just finger touch but also stylus, fingernails and gloves for drawing or signature capture and character recognition, thanks to its 80:1 signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and extremely fast refresh rate

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    BillH - 07 November 2009 04:22 PM

    Maybe add stylus capability to act as an input device for drawing on the big screen.

    Looks like I’ll get my wish.  Now if they could just find a way to bury autocad the way they are flash…  wink


    I don’t mind being wrong…,I just hate being wrong so FAST!