10.6 Print Button Not Responding

  • Posted: 07 November 2009 05:59 AM

    Hi my mac is running 10.6 and has developed an issue where the print button no longer responds. i am using a wireless Epson SX600FW and when I print a test page from the utility it works fine. The problem is when I try and print a document or a web page the print button does not respond.

    Any ideas about how I might resolve this?



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    Posted: 08 November 2009 08:29 PM #1

    Does going to File->Print cause it to print, or is that what you mean?

    Also worth going into System Preferences->Print & Fax, then select your printer from from the Default printer dropdown to see if that helps.


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  • Posted: 09 November 2009 12:25 PM #2

    Thanks for the reply Dave. It is indeed when I go File->Print. The print set up seems fine (printing a test page from the printer utility works successfully). I was until a few weeks ago printing on Snow Leopard using the same printer with no problems.


  • Posted: 10 November 2009 07:55 PM #3

    Try going to System Preferences -> Print & Fax, right-clicking on the left-hand panel that lists all your printers, and choose “Reset printing system?”

    Just be aware that you will have to re-add your printer after taking this step.


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