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  • Posted: 09 November 2009 10:50 AM

    The talk of AppleTV in the forums made me think about using an old G4 I have to run as a media server. I’ve got a leftover MDD G4 1GHz with 2GB or RAM. I was thinking of jamming as many ATA drives in it as I can and setting them as a single volume RAID, then serving up iTunes and iPhoto stuff through my TiVo Desktop. Now that my new iMac has wireless I was thinking of relocating the Airport and DSL modem to the basement to reduce clutter and I could stick the G4 there, serving up content to TiVo through the Airport Express. Any tips on how to set it up as a server, or if this would be a good idea?



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  • Posted: 14 December 2009 03:47 PM #1

    As an adendum to my media server post, I was curious if it was worth mucking around with an old G4 or getting an AppleTV to do the same thing. The G4 is free and the AppleTV isn’t so I’m curious if the price of entry of the APpleTV makes up for the time messing arund with an old G4 that I have to setup in the basement and then figure out how to backup. Thanks.


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    Posted: 14 December 2009 04:49 PM #2

    Irrespective of which would be best, the G4 or an Apple TV, it really sounds like you’re interested in having a project to work on. The G4 would be the more challenging (and perhaps, therefore, the more fun) project, at the least. smile

    As for setting it up as a server, if your TiVo is going to pull content from the network, it sounds like you just need to set your G4 up and let it go. Put your content on it and let the TiVo grab it.


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