File Association Weirdness

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    Posted: 17 December 2009 04:40 AM

    Kinda weird…ever since I installed Photoshop on my Mac, I noticed that torrent files can be associated/opened with two different versions of Opera, even though I’ve never installed Opera before.  I found some Opera-related files (pref files? I forget) as well, which I deleted.  Rebooting after deleting them did not remove them from the pulldown menu in the Info window (or right-click to “Open with…”).

    Any idea how I can fix that?  I guess it’s not a huge deal, but weird inexplicable behavior like this bugs me and my OCD, and I must find a fix.  wink

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    Posted: 17 December 2009 09:47 AM #1

    Which OS version are you running? Snow Leopard messed with file associations.

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    Posted: 17 December 2009 11:38 AM #2

    Oops, sorry.  This is sad, but I’m still running 10.4.11 on this particular machine (don’t ask raspberry ).

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    Posted: 29 December 2009 11:22 AM #3

    Adobe apps include an older version of Opera in their package files for previewing Web content. That’s why you’re seeing Opera as an option for opening some files. Since different Adobe apps may include different versions of Opera you may very well see more than one copy of the browser show up in the associated apps list.

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    Posted: 29 December 2009 12:37 PM #4

    Aah, that’s it!  Bridge and Device Central both contain Opera.  I guess I can delete those, since I never use them, via PS or otherwise.  Thanks!