It seems as if Mac is only good for video/sound processing and web design

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    -Expect to have to erase the hard drive and install the OS and all your apps every 12-18 months, just like Windows.
    -Expect to have to restart your machine every day or so to get a stable system.

    There’s something seriously wrong with your machine if you need to re-install the OS and your apps every year or so.  I’ve never, ever, had to re-install the OS on any of my Macs in 10 years or so of using them.  You either have a defective machine or something you’re doing is corrupting your software.  Are Macs perfect?  No, of course not but they certainly don’t need annual refreshers.

    Apple replaced my iMac after 9 months and two erase and installs. About an unreliable year later, erase and install with no system data or programs transferred. It’s been in the Apple store 3+ times.
    On both systems, I have had to hit the power button at least once a month to gain control of my machine. I suspect that’s corrupting stuff, but what options do I have when Force Quit won’t even launch? I need my computer for work, so I can’t really let it sit, locked up, for 1/2 an hour to “see what it does.” I hate the inconvenience and delays of owning a Mac, but I have so much money invested in hardware…
    Although I feel a little stupid for doing so, I’m still holding hope that things might get better.

    Over the past 25 years I have purchased or had purchased for my household well over 30 Macs and in total over 80 Apple digital devices including the Macs, iPhones and iPods.

    Over that time I’ve had two faulty external monitors (both repaired/replaced by a voluntary extended warranty from Apple), one CD drive failure and two hard drive failures only.

    I still have in my possession an original Bondi blue iMac from 1998 that boots up like a charm, a Mac Plus from 1986 that boots and I keep for sentimental reasons and couple/few other vintage Macs because there’s room in the garage. Each works today.

    My primary laptop is a 7+ year-old G4 PowerBook. Most of the Macs I have replaced I’ve given away for extended service by other people.

    All that said, there are those statistical anomalies in which one consumer will be confronted with chronic and multiple issues on the same machine. This will occur rarely and about as often as a lucky person might win a six-figure lottery payout. It’s the flip side of the laws of probability.

    Not to dismiss or ignore cupcake’s experiences. Apple has the highest customer satisfaction of any major PC maker and the best extended warranty program available in AppleCare. AppleCare service is amazing and a worthwhile investment for anyone who purchases a Mac. It’s an extraordinary service and pays for itself should anything go wrong with your Mac. In the two incidences in which I experienced hard drive failures, the Mac was shipped, repaired and returned within four business days often with additional items replaced such as a laptop’s faceplate simply because the AppleCare crew saw the parts were looking worn from active use.

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    Oops! I forgot to mention I did have a video problem on a 1999 era G3 PowerBook. I forgot about it because it was repaired over night by an authorized Apple service provider. Rather than mess with the components, the service provider replaced the entire motherboard at Apple’s expense to facilitate the speedy return of my Mac.

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    Cupcake, there’s a forum here for helping people out with problems, and there’s some pretty clued-up people here. I’m sure if you could identify your problems (applications open, preference settings and so on), there’s a good chance that someone could come up with solutions.


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    I made the switch about 3 years ago and have been quite happy.  As far as what you need to know, it’s quite simple.  To me, about the only thing that took a little while getting used to is that on the mac the window is not “attached” to the task bar.  Like others have said, if you can afford to spend the money and aren’t just looking for a puter with a low initial cost, make the switch.