Help John Braun you have the same system

  • Posted: 21 January 2010 04:41 PM

    I have a PM g5 dual 2.0. I am running 10.4.11 fine no problems. I have tried many times to install leopard 10.5 from 2 different black label family pack discs.
    the install freezes at select destination disk. Both disks. Put g5 in target mode and installed 10.5. Booted in 10.5 and get freezes. Some quickley some after 2-15 minutes. I want to run imovie 09 which needs 10.5. I have done everything I know to solve the problem. If you have any advice it is appreciated.  Thanks

    Things I have done to solve the problem.
    unhooked everything but what came with the mac which is a june 2004 pm g5 2.0 dual
    changed ram to different slots, removed apple ram, installed crucial ram, reset pram,reset pmu, tried install on original harddrive.
    tried new reformatted hard drive. ran apple hardware test. all passed. tried to run the 10.5 hard drive externally via firewire
    took to an apple authorized repair business (not apple store) They reinstalled 10.5 and updated to all but the newest update. They ran a more intensive
    hardware testing. There results were all passed but 2 freezes in 60 hours of continous video loops, I?ve tried different hard drives new and old,used disk utility
    to repair permissions and verify disk even took an ohm meter to see if the pram battery still has the proper voltage, it does
    Why will 10.4.11 run with no problems ( safari,mail,keynote,imovie 08,photoshop elements 6, many other non apple apps)
    And 10.5 freezes sometimes quickly sometimes after a few minutes. when the freeze happens i just get a mouse freeze and cant do anything. No fans come on.
    Once I booted into 10.5 and made it to the activity monitor and saw that a root item called mdworker was using a lot of processer power. Maybe thats a clue.

    No one seems to have an answer.  How about you John & Dave?  Thanks

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